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Thank you for your interest in Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation. The CoC is a nationally recognized multidisciplinary accreditation program. By working with our national partners, the CoC has developed comprehensive, patient-centered standards for cancer programs. Your cancer program will be evaluated against these standards to demonstrate compliance and your commitment to providing high-quality cancer care.

More than 1,500 CoC-accredited cancer programs in the U.S. treat nearly 70 percent of recently diagnosed U.S. cancer patients annually. We encourage your cancer program to become part of this important network of accredited cancer programs dedicated to delivering high-quality cancer care!

Please note that a program submitting a Commission on Cancer Application for Accreditation will be required to schedule their site visit within nine months of  receiving access to the CoC Datalinks accreditation portal.





  • E-mail an online application to Susan Rubin
  • Electronically sign the ACS Business Associate and Data Use Agreement (BAA/DUA)
    The CoC will notify the program when their application is processed and BAA is received.
  • Receive accreditation fee invoice
  • Receive access to the CoC Datalinks accreditation portal upon receipt of payment
  • Provide dates for a CoC site visit that is no longer that nine months after receiving access to the CoC Datalinks accreditation portal



  • Receive notification of site visit date
  • Site visit reviewer conducts on-site review and submits report to the CoC for processing
  • Receive survey results/performance report within 45 days of on-site visit
  • Submit data to the National Cancer Database