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SRGS Individual Subscriptions

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Below the table, you will find descriptions of each subscription format. Click on the links under “Formats” to visit the American College of Surgeons (ACS) e-store where you can purchase the subscription online. You can also download our order form and submit it via fax or mail. Review our other ordering options to subscribe today.

If you are an ACS member or have an existing account, please enter your ACS-SRGS username and password after selecting "Login" from the top-right navigation.

Print Subscriptions

Print with CME

  • Depending on when the order was place, print subscriptions typically begin with the next issue to be published, and will arrive by U.S. Postal Service within six weeks.
  • Each issue includes a topic-specific review of approximately 150 articles published in premier medical journals.
  • Full-text reprint articles for further study (approx. 8–12) are included in each issue.
  • A self-assessment, multiple-choice quiz (consisting of a pretest and a posttest) is contained in each issue. These tests must be completed online to earn 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ per issue (80 credits per year).
  • SRGS cannot be shared or copied for distribution to others.

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Print without CME

  • This subscription format is identical to the Print with CME program, with one exception: although a 40-question self-assessment quiz is included in each issue, AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ cannot be earned with this subscription format.

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Online Subscriptions

In addition to the literature review and an annotated bibliography of articles for further study, the online formats of SRGS offer original content not found in the print format: health care editorials and commentaries by general surgeons on the strengths and weaknesses of recently published literature.

  • Your online subscription starts with the issue that is current the day of your order. To access the content, a username and password is sent to you by e-mail as soon as the order is processed.
  • You have access to the archive of the complete cycle of previously published topics.
  • The online formats of SRGS can only be accessed with an active online subscription.
  • You receive a topic-specific review of approximately 100 articles published in premier medical journals. You can download the PDF of this review to your desktop or mobile device to build your own archive. The review can be printed for personal use, but cannot be distributed to others.
  • The online SRGS formats can be accessed on a mobile device. Files are also optimized for iPad, iPhone, other smartphones, and Kindle (these files are located under the “Current Overview” and “Past Issues” tabs). There is no SRGS app at this time.
  • An e-mail alert lets you know when a new issue has been posted.
  • Sharing online SRGS login information outside of your institution is strictly prohibited. Files cannot be shared over a computer network.


In addition to the above-mentioned online features, the Premium subscription also includes digital versions of the same full-text reprints that appear in print issues of SRGS. These articles are secured and cannot be printed.

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Practicing Surgeon

While the Practicing Surgeon online format provides access to all of the standard online program features, including the literature review, health care editorials, and commentaries, this format does not include access to full-text reprints cited in the review. Instead, an annotated bibliography of the articles chosen for further study is available under the Recommended Reading tab.

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Print Plus Online Subscriptions

In addition to online access to SRGS content, the print edition is also mailed to you eight times a year.

Premium Plus Print

  • In addition to online access on your desktop or mobile device, the print edition is mailed to you.
  • Online access to full-text reprints of articles cited in the review is available with this online format.

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Practicing Surgeon Plus Print

  • In addition to online access on your desktop or mobile device, the print edition is mailed to you.
  • Online access to select full-text reprints of articles cited in the review is not available with this online format, but you do receive them in the print version mailed to you.

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