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V42N4: Liver, Part I

Recommended Reading

Abdel-Misih SR, Bloomston M. Liver anatomy. Surg Clin North Am. 2010;90(4):643-653. Free Full Text

    The authors present a clear and useful review of the surgical anatomy of the liver.

Carey E, Carey WD. Noninvasive tests for liver disease, fibrosis, and cirrhosis: Is liver biopsy obsolete? Cleve Clin J Med. 2010;77(8):519-527. Free Full Text

    Carey and Carey present a thorough review of diagnostic tests for quantifying the extent of liver disease.

Day RW, Brudvik KW, Vauthey JN, et al. Advances in hepatectomy technique: Toward zero transfusions in the modern era of liver surgery. Surgery. 2016;159(3):793-801.

    The authors provide useful guidance for selection of hemostatic techniques for liver resection.

Dunne DF, Yip VS, Jones RP, et al. Enhanced recovery in the resection of colorectal liver metastases. J Surg Oncol. 2014;110(2):197-202.

    The authors share insights about the potential value of enhanced recovery pathways for patients undergoing liver procedures.

Hammond JS, Guha IN, Beckingham IJ, Lobo DN. Prediction, prevention and management of postresection liver failure. Br J Surg. 2011;98(9):1188-1200.

    The authors provide useful information on posthepatectomy liver failure.

Krier M, Ahmed A. The asymptomatic outpatient with abnormal liver function tests. Clin Liv Dis. 2009;13(2):167-177.

    Krier and Ahmed provide clear guidance and advice for the evaluation of asymptomatic patients with abnormal liver function test results.

Levolger S, van Vugt JL, de Bruin RW, JN IJ. Systematic review of sarcopenia in patients operated on for gastrointestinal and hepatopancreatobiliary malignancies. Br J Surg. 2015;102(12):1448-1458.

    This report suggests that the discovery of sarcopenia on preoperative CT imaging can provide useful prognostic information and guidance for preoperative interventions to improve nutritional status.

Martin P. Perioperative considerations for patients with liver disease. Cleve Clin J Med. 2009;76 Suppl 4:S93-97. Free Full Text

    Martin provides a valuable review of the preoperative preparation of patients with liver disease.

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    The authors present data on the use of imaging to evaluate patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer.

Wakabayashi G, Cherqui D, Geller DA, et al. Recommendations for laparoscopic liver resection: a report from the second international consensus conference held in Morioka. Ann Surg. 2015;261(4):619-629.

    The authors review recommendations from a consensus conference that considered the usefulness of laparoscopic liver resection and the appropriate factors that should be included in reports of techniques and outcomes.

Yamane D, McGivern DR, Masaki T, Lemon SM. Liver injury and disease pathogenesis in chronic hepatitis C. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 2013;369:263-288.

    The authors consider the virus-specific factors that produce liver damage in patients with hepatitis C.