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V41N7: Hernia

Recommended Reading

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This classic article provides a clear description of the technical steps of the Lichtenstein hernia repair.

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Azoury and colleagues describe an innovative endoscopic approach to components separation for the repair of ventral and incisional hernias.

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This review article presents data supporting the appropriate use of prosthetic material for the repair of ventral and incisional hernias.

Burcharth J, Pommergaard HC, Rosenberg J. The inheritance of groin hernia: a systematic review. Hernia. 2013;17(2):183-189.

Burcharth and colleagues review evidence for inheritance of inguinal hernia. While some evidence supports an increased risk of inguinal hernia in patients with inherited connective tissue diseases, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the evidence of other familial pathways for hernia inheritance is mixed.

Israelsson LA, Millbourn D. Prevention of incisional hernias: how to close a midline incision. Surg Clin North Am. 2013;93(5):1027-1040.

This article describes a technique of midline abdominal incision closure that may prevent incisional hernias.

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A classification system for abdominal wall hernias is described in this article.

Read RC. Crucial steps in the evolution of the preperitoneal approaches to the groin: an historical review. Hernia. 2011;15(1):1-5.

Read offers a valuable review of historical events that contributed to our knowledge of the anatomy of the preperitoneal space and myopectineal orifice.

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Clinical practice guidelines for the management of inguinal hernia are reviewed in this article.

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Wantz provides a valuable review of the open preperitoneal approach for treating bilateral inguinal hernias. A unilateral variant of this approach is also useful for selected patients.