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About ACS Case Reviews in Surgery

American College of Surgeons (ACS) Case Reviews in Surgery is an exciting, unique, and peer-reviewed online case report journal that addresses some of the most significant educational needs of practicing surgeons and surgery residents. The journal also boasts an exceptional editorial and reviewer board that comprises distinguished surgeon leaders from around the world.

ACS Case Reviews in Surgery offers readers online-based access to high-quality, in-depth analyses of actual surgical cases:

  • The journal is published electronically six times per year and features 15 case reports and a CME posttest.
  • Each issue also provides full article PDFs that are both downloadable and printable.
  • Subscribers have the opportunity to earn up to 24 Self-Assessment CME Credits per annual subscription.

Subscriptions are available with and without access to an accredited continuing medical education (CME) program. For more information about subscribing to ACS Case Reviews in Surgery, please visit the subscriptions page.

What is the vision behind ACS Case Reviews in Surgery?

Case reports journals are a growing field of interest in the medical community. Market research has identified a very strong interest from the surgical community in this type of publication.  In addition, this resource fulfills the Division of Education goal to continually provide new and innovative educational programs for ACS Members. ACS Case Reviews in Surgery helps practicing surgeons successfully meet the requirements of Qualifications of the Responsible Surgeon, Relation of the Surgeon to the Patient, Medical Education, and Surgeons and Society. In addition, surgery residents and medical students have an opportunity to begin publishing early in their surgical careers.

What are the goals?

ACS Case Reviews in Surgery has three primary objectives:

  • Be the best and highest quality source of educationally relevant surgical case reports in the United States.
  • Exceed the inherent expectations of an American College of Surgeons’ imprimatur.
  • Help surgeons deliver the highest level of service and surgical care to their patients.

What topics will be covered?

ACS Case Reviews in Surgery explores an extensive array of specialties, including breast, colorectal, pediatric, transplant, acute care, trauma, plastic, bariatric, general, and rural surgery.

Stay current with the most effective and highest quality surgical approaches, improve patient outcomes, and earn CME self-assessment credit. Subscribe to ACS Case Reviews in Surgery today!