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Medical Texts

Free or Low-cost Medical Texts

Global HELP (Health Education Lost-Cost Publications)
The Global-HELP Organization provides free and low-cost medical education materials to developing countries. Publications and YouTube videos are available on various specialties including orthopaedics, pediatrics, plastic surgery, and rehabilitation. All publications are in downloadable PDF format and some publications are also printed and available at cost when used in developing countries and affordably priced for use elsewhere in the world. Books, posters, and CDs are also available for use in developing countries for only the cost of mailing.

Donated Medical Texts

The following agencies accept medical texts for donation to appropriate communities in need. Please contact them prior to shipping any materials to be sure that your donation can be utilized.

Please note that the following are provided as a courtesy to those with an interest in humanitarian outreach.  The American College of Surgeons is not affiliated with these organizations, and not responsible for the content of their websites. 

Asia Foundation's Books for Asia
The Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia program has been providing books, software, and other educational materials throughout Asia for almost half a century. 

Better World Books
Better World Books capitalizes on the value of the book to fund and support literacy initiatives locally, nationally, and around the world.

Book Aid International
Book Aid International promotes literacy in developing countries by creating reading and learning opportunities for disadvantaged people, in order to help them realize their potential and eradicate poverty.

Books For Africa
Books For Africa collects, sorts, ships, and distributes books to children in Africa.

Bridge to Asia (BTA)
BTA promotes equal access to knowledge--it supplies books, journals, databases and other educational materials that are essential to teaching and research but too costly for most developing countries to afford.

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF)
BBF promotes international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical, educational, agricultural and other resources.

Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS)
GHETS invests in the doctors, nurses and allied health workers on the front lines of efforts to improve the health of the underserved communities.

SABRE Foundation
The Sabre Foundation makes millions of dollars’ worth of donated books available to needy individuals in developing and transitional societies worldwide through non-governmental partner organizations, libraries, universities, schools, research organizations and other similar institutions.