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Donation Organizations

Advocates for World Health
Advocates for World Health is a nonprofit that recovers and redistributes medical product to reduce waste and improve healthcare in the US and abroad. The organization redistributes medical supplies to support the care of uninsured and impoverished individuals. 

Afya Foundation
The Afya Foundation collects no longer needed and still usable medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions and ships them abroad to support ongoing health initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean. They also provide supplies to medical professionals who are going on medical missions.

American Medical Resources Foundation
The American Medical Resources Foundation (AMRF) donates refurbished, but functional medical equipment to hospitals serving the poor worldwide. AMRF also develops and provides training programs for medical equipment repair technicians and hospital managers responsible for maintenance, repair and calibration of medical equipment.

Americares Medical Outreach supports U.S.-licensed medical professionals traveling internationally to deliver medical and surgical care. Americares provides teams with free medicines and medical supplies, as well as educational and training resources.

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF)
BBF's Medical Program distributes medicines, supplies, and equipment world-wide to health ministries, hospitals, and mission physicians.

Catholic Medical Mission Board
Through Catholic Medical Mission Board's Medical Supplies for Mission Trips program, needed medicines and supplies are provided free of charge to medical missionaries.

Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO)
CAMO provides medical equipment, community service, supplies, and training to the impoverished regions of Central America.

CrossLink Memphis
CrossLink Memphis supplies medical materials to relieve suffering in the world's most troubled areas.

Direct Relief
Direct Relief International is working to strengthen the in-country health efforts of their partners by providing essential material resources – medicines, supplies, and equipment.

Esperança accepts donations of medical supplies to be used for their volunteer surgical missions, and distributed to partner clinics and hospitals at their surgical mission sites. They accept donations from individuals, hospitals, and manufacturers.

Global Links
Global Links recovers unused medical supplies, surplus equipment and furnishings from the U.S. healthcare system for distribution to hospitals and clinics that serve the poorest segments of the population in developing countries.

Globus Relief
Globus Relief gathers, processes, and distributes medical and other humanitarian supplies to charitable organizations serving the needy at home or abroad.

Healing Hands International
Through programs in medical aid and relief, Healing Hands International provides patients, doctors, clinics, and hospitals with the medications, medical equipment, and supplies that they need to improve their quality of life and save the lives of others.

Heart to Heart International
Heart to Heart International provides medicines and medical supplies to international hospitals, local clinics, and medical teams traveling overseas as well as crisis supplies to humanitarian partners.

Helping World Wide brings together a wide variety of information to help in the most economically challenged places on the planet.

HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization
HERO collects and redistributes donated healthcare materials to benefit those in need locally and globally.

International Aid
International Aid Mission Resource Center supplies missionaries with clothing, food, over-the-counter medications, surgical items, and personal care products.

International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC)
IMEC distributes donated medical equipment, supplies, and support services to doctors, nurses and technologists working in hospitals, clinics, and orphanages in underserved locations worldwide.

InterVol, Recycling of Unused Medical Supplies (RUMS)
InterVol’s RUMS program saves medical supplies and equipment that otherwise would be destroyed or placed in area landfills and are made available to overseas hospitals and medical clinics that lack access to these badly needed resources.

MAP International
MAP International is a global leader in supplying clinics and hospitals in developing countries with essential medicines.

Med-Eq connects donors of medical equipment and supplies with registered non-profit receiving charities.

Medical Bridges Inc.
Medical Bridges accepts medical surplus from across the country, supplies that would otherwise be thrown into landfills, and redistributes the material to qualified hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers across the globe.

MediSend International
MediSend International delivers life-saving medical supplies and equipment to those in need in developing countries, and provides valuable education and technical training to help improve community healthcare conditions.

MedShare collects surplus medical supplies and used equipment from U. S. hospitals and manufacturers. They process the donated material and make them available to hospitals and clinics overseas in two ways: 1) supplying medical mission teams and 2) direct shipments to hospitals in 75+ developing nations.

MedWish International
A non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery, recycling, and redistribution of medical supplies and equipment for humanitarian relief. Click here to see a list of supplies that are typically carried in their warehouse.

Pan American Development Foundation
With the support of a network of partners, such as U.S. medical facilities, public agencies, manufacturers, and universities, PADF distributes high-quality new and used medical equipment and supplies, and tools to support vocational training to not-for-profit hospitals and medical centers serving vulnerable communities in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Project C.U.R.E.
Project C.U.R.E. is a humanitarian relief organization that collects medical supplies and equipment and donates it to developing countries.

Scanlan International
Scanlan International, a Saint Paul-based manufacturer of surgical instrumentation, supports surgeons, nurses and surgical teams who travel around the world in their quest to provide quality health care.

St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program (St. Louis HELP)
St. Louis HELP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and redistribution of durable home medical equipment to the uninsured in the greater metropolitan Saint Louis area at no cost or fee to program participants. St. Louis HELP also collects surplus medical supplies (surgical devices, equipment, nursing care, therapeutic and personal care products) and makes these available to qualified charitable organizations wishing to support hospitals and clinics serving the poor in the USA and abroad.

World Medical Relief
World Medical Relief collects and distributes medical supplies, medicines, and recycled medical equipment through a variety of programs, services, and volunteer opportunities.