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2009 Military Volunteer Award: Vance J. Moss and Vincent L. Moss

Drs. Vance Moss and Vincent Moss in Afghanistan.

Vance J. Moss, MD, FACS, and Vincent L. Moss, MD, FACS, of Upland, PA, were jointly recognized with the 2009 Surgical Volunteerism Award for military service in recognition of their work in Afghanistan. During their fellowships in 2005, the Moss brothers were mobilized for Operation Enduring Freedom as members of the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps. Learning of a lack of surgical and medical care available to Afghan civilians, they began to conceptualize a surgical mission to Afghanistan. In January 2006, they flew to Kabul to undertake their first mission in collaboration with Medical Teams International. After demonstrating their commitment to a humanitarian focus on treating women and children, they were granted access to regions controlled by the Taliban and local warlords. The success of the initial mission led to a return visit the following year and a third visit in August of this year.