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2013 Military Volunteer Award: Jerone T. Landström

Dr. Landström (center, in fatigues) in Afghanistan in 2010, with orthopaedic resident Abdul Ateef Ghafoor, MD.

Jerone T. Landström, MD, FACS, of Tamuning, Guam, received the 2013 Surgical Volunteerism Award for military outreach in recognition of his contributions in Guam, the Philippines, the Federated States of Micronesia, and Afghanistan. In 1990, Dr. Landstrom joined the US Navy and served at the US Navy Hospital Guam for three years while on active duty during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. During this time, he volunteered for Operation Fiery Vigil to care for casualties of Mount Pinatubo’s volcanic eruption in the Philippines. He also spent two weeks of duty as the sole surgical provider at Pohnpei State Hospital in Micronesia during a typhoon. Dr. Landstrom remained a Navy reservist until 2010, when he volunteered for deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan as the sole surgeon and mentor at the 400-bed Afghan National Military Hospital. There, he performed and taught general, hand, and plastic surgery and intensive care to local Afghan military physicians. Most notably, the reconstructive hand surgery training ensured sustainable care for patients with congenital as well as acquired pathology of the hand, particularly from combat injuries. After nine months, Dr. Landström was demobilized and returned to private practice on Guam as the only fellowship-trained, board-certified hand surgeon in the region.