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2012 International Volunteer Award: Raymond R. Price

Dr. Price leading a laparoscopic Nissen course in Mongolia.

Raymond R. Price, MD, FACS, received the 2012 Surgical Volunteerism Award for international outreach for improving surgical care in Mongolia and other countries, and for his commitment to promoting the importance of surgery worldwide. Dr. Price’s passion for global outreach developed when he was an undergraduate, and over the past decade he has focused on improving education and access for surgical care globally, particularly in resource-poor areas. His most significant work has been in Mongolia, where as medical programs director for the Swanson Family Foundation he is working collaboratively with the Health Sciences University of Mongolia and the Mongolian Ministry of Health to establish laparoscopic surgery in the capital and rural regions of the country. Through these efforts, basic and emergency surgical care in the regional diagnostic and referral centers have also been improved. Dr. Price is active in many national and international surgical efforts and is a founding member and associate director of the Center of Global Surgery at the University of Utah.