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2014 International Volunteer Award: Robert D. Bach

Dr. Bach examining a young boy with abdominal pain.Robert D. Bach, MD, FACS, a general surgeon from North Haven, ME, received the 2014 Surgical Volunteerism International Award for his decades of medical service to the impoverished and isolated population of northeastern Nicaragua. Through the establishment of a not-for-profit organization called Partners in Health of Maine (PIHM), he continues to provide Nicaraguans with free medical care, equipment, and education. He has been performing volunteer surgical procedures since he first traveled to Nicaragua’s north Atlantic coastal region in 1976, where he performed many operations in a mission hospital run by the Moravian Church. During the Sandanista-Contra War, he volunteered in Honduras, Guatemala, and St. Lucia. Through his work in Nicaragua, Dr. Bach has developed teams of nurses, dentists, pediatricians, surgeons, emergency physicians, and medical technicians to serve the population. He performs operations during his visits every spring and fall, and volunteers have established outreach programs in the villages along the Rio Coco River to the north on the Honduras border.

Drs. Francis Ferdinand, Robert Bach, Bartholomew Tortella, Gary Timmerman, Kevin Behrns