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Dr. O’Neill’s OR team, and a trainee, at the District Hospital in Naivasha

The International ACS/Pfizer Surgical Volunteerism Award is given in recognition of those surgeons who are committed to giving back to society by making significant contributions to surgical care through organized volunteer activities abroad. The award is intended for ACS Fellows in active surgical practice whose volunteerism activities go above and beyond the usual professional commitments, or retired Fellows who have been involved in volunteerism during their active practice and into retirement. Surgeons of all specialties are eligible for this award.

Award Winners

Robert Riviello, MD, MPH, FACS (2020)

Arthur Trask, MD, FACS (2020)

Richard W. Furman (2019)

Michael R. Curci (2018)

Bruce C. Steffes (2018)

Sherry M. Wren (2017)

J. Nilas Young (2016)

James A. O’Neill, Jr. (2016)

Susan Miller Briggs (2015)

Rifat Latifi (2015)

Robert D. Bach (2014)

Ingida Asfaw (2013)

Raymond R. Price (2012)

Girma Tefera (2011)

Samuel B. Broaddus (2010)

Glenn W. Geelhoed (2009)

Bradley D. Wong (2008)

Van C. Knowles (2007)

John L. Tarpley (2006)

Domingo T. Alvear (2005)

Theodore J. Dubuque (2004)

Lowell B. Furman (2003)