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YFA Mentoring Program

Pairing experienced ACS leaders with young surgeon fellows

This program creates a one-year mentor/mentee match to foster engagement in the American College of Surgeons (ACS), cultivate leadership skills, and knowledge of the ACS. 

Mentees will learn how to:

  • Create goals using self-evaluation of talents, abilities, and past experiences
  • Identify leadership opportunities in the ACS—at the local and national levels
  • Establish relationships and connections within the ACS culture
  • Contribute effectively to the organization’s goals

Mentors help young surgeon fellows navigate the learning curve inherent in any new leadership role by:

  • Translating theoretical knowledge gained through formal training into practical experiences
  • Participating in active goal setting
  • Cultivating personal relationships through one-on-one conversations



Participation in this one-year program will include:

  • A phone conversation between the mentor-mentee as an introduction during July or August.
  • A meeting in person at our Mentorship Kick-Off Luncheon held annually at Clinical Congress.
  • A goal generated by the mentor/mentee pair for the mentee’s participation. 
  • A follow-up phone conversation between the mentor-mentee in January or February.
  • An exit interview by the Mentoring Program Chair in May or June for the mentor-mentee pairs.

How to Apply

Download the YFA Mentor Guide