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ACS Faculty Research Fellowships

July 1, 2016–June 30, 2018

The American College of Surgeons is offering two-year faculty research fellowships, through the generosity of Fellows, Chapters, and friends of the College, to surgeons entering academic careers in surgery or a surgical specialty. The fellowship is to assist a surgeon in the establishment of a new and independent research program. Applicants should have demonstrated their potential to work as independent investigators. The fellowship award is $40,000 per year for each of two years, to support the research.

Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons
This fellowship honors Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS, founder of the American College of Surgeons.

C. James Carrico, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellowship for the Study of Trauma and Critical Care
This fellowship honors C. James Carrico, MD, FACS, and is designated for research in trauma and critical care.

Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellowship
This fellowship honors Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS, and is designated to support research into improving surgical outcomes.

Current Faculty Research Fellows


Bryan M. Burt, MD, FACS (25th Franklin H. Martin, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellow)

Steven J. Schwulst, MD, FACS (14th C. James Carrico, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellow)

Kathleen B. To, MD, FACS (1st Thomas R. Russell, MD, FACS, Faculty Research Fellow)

Stephen H. McKellar, MD, FACS

Bedabrata Sarkar, MD, PhD

General Policies

The following policies cover the granting of the ACS  Faculty Research Fellowships:

  • The fellowship is open to Fellows or Associate Fellows of the College who have: (1) completed the chief residency year or accredited fellowship training within the preceding five years; and (2) received a full-time faculty appointment in a department of surgery or a surgical specialty at a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the United States or by the Committee for Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools in Canada. Preference will be given to applicants who directly enter academic surgery following residency or fellowship.

  • This award may be used by the recipient for support of his/her research or academic enrichment in any fashion that the recipient deems maximally supportive of his/her investigations. The fellowship grant is to support the research of the recipient and is not to diminish or replace the usual, expected compensation or benefits. Indirect costs are not paid to the recipient or to the recipient’s institution.

  • Application for this fellowship may be submitted even if comparable application has been made to organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or industry sources. If the recipient is offered a scholarship, fellowship, or research career development award from such an agency or organization, it is the responsibility of the recipient to contact the College’s Scholarships Administrator to request approval of the additional award. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to review potentially overlapping awards and adjust its award accordingly.

  • The College encourages the applicant to leverage the funds provided by this fellowship with time and monies provided by the applicant’s department. Formal statements of matching funds and time from the applicant’s department will promote favorable review by the College.

  • Supporting letters from the head of the department of surgery (or the surgical specialty) and from the mentor supervising the applicant’s research effort must be submitted. This approval would involve a commitment to continuation of the academic position and of facilities for research. Only in exceptional circumstances will more than one fellowship be granted in a single year to applicants from the same institution.

  • The applicant must submit a research plan and budget for the two-year period of fellowship, even though renewed approval by the Scholarships Committee of the College is required for the second year.

  • A minimum of 50 percent of the Fellow’s time must be spent in the research proposed in the application. This percentage may run concurrently with the time requirements of NIH or other accepted funding.

  • The Faculty Research Fellows are expected to attend the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in 2018 to present a report to the Scientific Forum and to receive a certificate at the annual meeting of the Scholarships Committee.

The closing date for receipt of completed applications and all supporting documents is November 2, 2015. Application forms may be obtained by PDF download or upon request from the address below.

Please send applications for this fellowship to:

American College of Surgeons
633 N. Saint Clair St.
Chicago, IL 60611-3211

or here:

Faculty Research Fellowship Requirements (PDF)

Apply online

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form (DOC)