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Learn new strategies and tools with relevant topics in less than 60 minutes.

ACS webinars are for young surgeons who are starting their practice in private or academic surgical medicine. Take a deep dive into career path choices and strategies, best practices for navigating the career ladder, and managing personal life and wellness.

The webinars are presented live by subject matter experts and accessible to you free of charge. Enjoy interaction with the presenter in a live format or view the webinar later whenever your schedule permits. These brief, yet extremely informative, web-based educational sessions are accessible for one year after the event.

Upcoming Webinars

Edie Chan, MD, FACS

Preparing a Top-Notch Fellowship Application

Presented by Edie Chan, MD, FACS
Monday, September 25, 2017
5:00–6:00 pm (CDT)

This webinar will advise residents on how to assemble the best fellowship application, put your best self forward as an applicant, navigate potential pitfalls during the application process, and nail the interview.

Faisal Aziz, MD, FACS

Understanding the Difference Between Leadership and Power

Presented by Faisal Aziz, MD, FACS
Thursday, November 9, 2017
4:00–5:00 pm (CDT)

Surgeons have inherent leadership qualities. Being surgeons, we are used to making prompt, life-saving decisions based on limited information which is presented to us. Power is defined as ability to influence others. It is easy to confuse leadership and power with each other. Dr. Aziz explains key differences between leadership and power. You will learn that great leaders don’t need power to influence their followers. Leaders have a vision and they use their influence to implement their vision. While a powerful person focuses on exerting his control over his subordinates, a leader inspires trust among his followers.

Past Webinars

Dr. Lee

Patients in the Know: Impact on Recovery

Presented by David Lee, MD, FACS, and Kathleen Heneghan, PhD, MSN, RN, PN-C

With 65 percent of all surgical procedures now outpatient, the main providers of postoperative care are the patients and their families. The need for optimal communication and education is essential for improving surgical outcomes and decreasing avoidable emergency room visits and rehospitalization. This webinar reviews the literature on quality patient education initiatives and best practice to influence compliance, improve surgical outcomes, avoid readmissions, and support the safe transition from hospital to home.

Jayme Lieberman, MD, FACS

Basic Principles of Coding and Reimbursement for Young Surgeons

Presented by Jayme Lieberman, MD, FACS

This presentation gives attendees an understanding of what, how, why, and when it is important to code clinical procedures properly for documentation purposes at your institution.

Gregory Peck, DO, FACS

Global Surgery for the Young Surgeon

Presented by Gregory Peck, DO, FACS

After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to restate the importance of today’s global surgery movement, and assess and list three personal career goals in a global surgery clinical, educational, training, and/or research endeavor. Attendees will be able to analyze their pitfalls to experiencing or establishing global surgery opportunities and programs at the divisional, departmental, local/international institutional, and societal levels.

Stephanie Bonne, MD, FACS

Safety, Wellness, and Logistics for the Pregnant Surgeon

Presented by Stephanie Bonne, MD, FACS

Through this webinar, viewers will learn what some of the risks are to the fetus and mother that may be encountered in routine surgical practice, such as radiation exposure and exposure to teratogenic medications, as well as ergonomic issues that surround operating while pregnant. We discuss strategies to mitigate these risks. We also discuss the logistics of managing a practice and strategies to support pregnant and nursing mothers who are in surgical practice and ways to mitigate the impact of time off on your practice.

Ram Kumar Subramanyan, MBBS, PhD, FACS

Cultivating the Next Generation of Surgeon Scientists

Presented by Ram Kumar Subramanyan, MBBS, PhD, FACS

Significant advances in surgery have been made over the past century, largely due to the tireless efforts of surgeon scientists who work at the interface between clinical practice and scientific endeavor. Over the past decade, the funding environment, combined with increasing clinical demands, has created significant obstacles to the success of the aspiring surgeon scientist. This session focuses on strategies to identify, support, and mentor young surgeon scientists early in their career.

Fernando Lamounier, MD, FACS

Marketing for the Young Surgeon: Why Understanding Marketing Is Important

Presented by Fernando Lamounier, MD, FACS

Through this webinar you will learn key concepts you must know to grow your practice regardless if you are in academic or private practice, are employed by a hospital or are in a country where medical marketing is restricted.

Paula Ferrada, MD, FACS

Principles of Leadership for the Young Surgeon

Presented by Paula Ferrada, MD, FACS

This webinar engages attendees in a discussion about recognizing opportunities for leadership early in your career, how to develop tools to enhance your level of influence during stressful situations, and involvement in leadership opportunities within the American College of Surgeons.

Daniel Klaristenfeld, MD, FACS

Functional Ergonomics for Surgeons: Protect Your Neck and Your Career

Presented by Daniel Klaristenfeld, MD, FACS

Viewers of this webinar can expect to hear about the basics of ergonomics and why it is important for surgeons today. We discuss current literature evaluating the extent of cumulative traumatic disorders among surgeons, common mistakes to avoid, and strategies to prevent workplace injuries.

Scott Chaiet, MD, MBA, FACS

Transcare for the Transgender Patient in the Surgeon’s Office

Presented by Scott Chaiet, MD, MBA, FACS

One of Dr. Chaiet’s focuses has been to bring awareness of the LGBTQ patient care and diversity to his colleagues. This webinar engages attendees in a discussion about the review of health issues in the transgender community, including how to identify and explain terms related to sexual identity and sexual practices; identify ways to create a welcoming environment for patients of all sexual orientations; and describe the role of surgery to complement hormone therapy and mental health services as a care team.

Jayme Lieberman, MD, FACS

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Presented by Jayme Lieberman, MD, FACS

This presentation gives viewers an understanding of what, how, why, and when it is important to code clinical procedures properly for documentation purposes at your institution.

Scott A. Leckman, MD, FACS

Domestic Volunteerism: Options for Young Surgeons Who Want to Help

Presented by Scott A. Leckman, MD, FACS

This webinar led by Dr. Leckman, takes attendees through a discussion of domestic volunteerism by surgeons. You will learn how to prepare for and find volunteerism opportunities, as well as discuss what volunteering means to your life. The 55-minute session ends with a question-and-answer period.

Ravi D. Goel

Protect Your Online Reputation

Presented by Ravi Goel, MD

Patients increasingly rely on internet rating sites to find medical providers. The information on these websites is rarely monitored and reviews are often inaccurate. A single negative comment can damage professional reputation and affect practice growth. Monitoring online presence and social media to address negative comments is a daunting task which can no longer be ignored. Dr. Goel provides strategies to effectively monitor your online reputation. You will learn common techniques to support promoters, address critics, engage in social media, and establish a positive internet presence.

David Welsh, MD, FACS

Being a Leader Within Your Hospital and on Your Medical Staff

Presented by David Welsh, MD, FACS

This webinar attempts to address how you can become a leader within your role as a medical staff person at your hospital.

Mario E. Motta, MD, FACC

Drug Shortages: The Problem, Possible Causes, and Future Directions

Presented by Mario E. Motta, MD, FACC

This webinar attempts to address the contributing factors to the problem of drug shortages in the US, discuss transparency in pricing, and the involvement of Medicare to negotiate prices.

Brian Santin, MD, FACS, RPVI

Contract Negotiations: Advice and Pitfalls to Avoid

Presented by Brian J. Santin, MD, FACS

This webinar reviews concepts to enhance one’s ability to negotiate a more advantageous contract. The negotiations process both from the perspective of the candidate and the employer is reviewed. The discussion also includes a more focused look at some of the commonly overlooked contract items, which often result in “money left on the table.”

Sheila Harrison, AmWINS Account Executive, ACS Insurance Program

Disability Insurance from AmWINS Group Benefits, Inc.

Presented by Sheila Harrison, AmWINS Account Executive, ACS Insurance Program

As a physician, you’ve made a significant investment of time, energy, and money into building a demanding career with the promise of a high income and all of the rewards your profession provides. But, should an injury or illness prevent you from performing your specific duties, that promise can suddenly evaporate. You insure your house, your car, your health, and your life; doesn’t it make sense to insure your most valuable asset—you, the physician? Disability insurance protects you by protecting your ability to earn an income.

Nancy L. Gantt, MD, FACS

Seeking Mentorship and Ascending the Academic/Private Practice Ladder

Presented by Nancy L. Gantt, MD, FACS

This webinar engages attendees in a discussion about the need for mentorship to achieve their personal and professional goals and how to identify a mentor and have a productive relationship. Career planning and advancement are also discussed, emphasizing the importance of utilizing all available resources to become successful.

Sharmila Dissanaike, MBBS, FACS

Mindfulness and Work-life Balance for the Busy Surgeon

Presented by Sharmila Dissanaike, MBBS, FACS

This webinar takes attendees through a discussion of surgeon burnout and work-life balance using the technique of mindfulness. Attendees were guided through a short practice session during the webinar. A robust question and answer session ends this 55-minute session.