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Surgical Jeopardy and Surgical Skills Competition

RAS Surgical Trivia

Surgical Jeopardy

A competitive panel session at Clinical Congress each year where like the television game, 32 teams of two resident contestants compete in three rounds: Surgical Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, Final Jeopardy, to vie for the top score in this hilariously fun game of knowledge. Categories of knowledge questions are cleverly worded and supported by unique images, videos or songs that support the subject area.

RAS Surgical Skills Competition

Surgical Skills Competition: So You Think You Can Operate?

An interactive skills competition designed to pit resident teams against one another for the educational benefit of all attendees. Stations will be designed to mimic common surgical situations and tasks, to test both the skills and teamwork of these surgical trainees.

Multiple stations of various surgical tasks are set up with each station assigned a cohort of judges (committee residents and senior College representatives). Junior-senior teams from eight institutions will rotate through stations lasting approximately 10 minutes and will be scored on the basis of station-specific criteria. The team with the highest cumulative score will win institutional glory and bragging rights.

How to Participate

Team Selection Criteria

Teams for both Surgical Jeopardy and So You Think You Can Operate? are chosen in June each year by the Resident and Associate Society Education Committee. Teams from ACS Chapters (both Domestic and International) are given preference first, secondly from surgical education programs that have not competed in the last three years. Teams must be made of two surgical residents from U.S. and non-U.S. surgical residency programs and must be ACS members. They must be able to travel to Clinical Congress. The ACS does not provide travel stipends. They must have program director approval and be able to speak and read English fluently.

Team Call for Applications

In May and June each year, the Resident and Associate Society send out a Call for Teams through the Association of Program Director’s Listserve, and through direct communications to all ACS Chapter leadership. Resident members cannot submit teams due to the support requirement from program directors.

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