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The Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS) sponsors and has access to a variety of scholarships, competitions, awards, and project work that Residents and Associate Fellow members can take advantage of and volunteer for.


Ned Z. Carp, MD, FACSOutstanding Mentor of the Year Award

Is there someone who has inspired you to become involved in the American College of Surgeons and been a surgical mentor to you? If so, nominate them for the RAS-ACS Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award!

It is with great pleasure that the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons recognizes Dr. Ned Z. Carp as the Outstanding Mentor of the Year.  Dr. Carp was nominated by Austin Williams, MD, Chief Resident, General Surgery, Lankenau Medical Center.  In his application, Dr. Williams said of Dr. Carp:

“He admired by his patients and their families. Not only is Dr. Carp a talented surgeon, but his calm and humanistic approach to patient care is unrivaled and make him a go-to source for consultation and advice for clinical problems that span all the specialties of general surgery.”

Within the American College of Surgery, Dr. Carp has been an active contributor to the Commission on Cancer, serving the Quality Integration Committee and as the State Chair, and locally, as an active member of the ACS Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter.

Dr. Carp will receive a monogrammed vase to memorialize his contributions to the field of surgery.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) presents scholarships focused on Residents and Associate Fellows.

Scholarships for Residents

Nizar N. Oweida, MD, FACS, Scholarship (Associate Fellows are eligible to apply)

George H. A. Clowes, Jr., MD, FACS, Memorial Research Career Development Award

Learn about the 2020 Leadership Scholarship Award Recipients


2020 RAS-ACS Communications Committee Essay Contest Winner

The RAS-ACS Congratulates Resident Srineil Vuthaluru, MBBS, PGY-1 at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Omaha, Nebraska, for his winning essay, More than just a number: How should we be evaluating candidates for the match? Dr. Vuthaluru will receive a $500 cash prize. The contest attracted 8 essays this year, and were judged by four committee members who rated the essays against a five-point scale using the following criteria:

  1. Technical use of vocabulary and grammar
  2. Language and writing style
  3. Reflection of ACS principles

Congratulations, Dr. Vuthaluru!

2021 RAS-ACS Communications Committee Essay Contest

The call for essays has closed for 2021.

Project Work

The RAS-ACS sponsors a variety of committees that work on annual projects for the society during the year. As an ACS Resident Member or Associate Fellow, you are encouraged to get involved and join a RAS Committee.

Advocacy & Issues

This committee aims to promote grassroots legislative awareness and advocacy interest in ACS. Projects include:

  • Institutional and residency GME funding inadequacies
  • Annual Symposium at Clinical Congress
  • Firearm Injury Podcast Series
  • Diversity in Surgical Trial Participants
  • Opioid Education

This committee holds an annual Essay Contest, and disseminates information to RAS members regarding all aspects of a surgical career through:

  • An e-newsletter
  • Annual essay competition
  • August Bulletin issue
  • Podcast creation
  • JACS social media journal club collaboration
  • RAS promotional videos
  • Social media

This committee investigates, discusses, and disseminates educational ideas and practices for all surgical disciplines related to training. Projects include:

  • Surgical skills competition, So You Think You Can Operate? at Clinical Congress annually
  • Surgical Jeopardy for chapters
  • Electronic Medical Record Survey
  • Panel Sessions for Clinical Congress
  • Landmark Papers online Journal Club, subcommittee of Behind the Knife Podcast

This committee works to increase members and member engagement in the College. Projects include:

  • International Scholarship Exchange
  • Member incentives, recruitment, and engagement
  • Monthly phone Hangouts on various topics
Associate Fellow
  • Newsletter
  • Advocacy
  • ACS Annual RAS August Bulletin Article
  • ACS Clinical Congress Session, Why Should I Become FACS and How Do I Do It?
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Pathways to Fellowship Interview Series
  • Resource Toolbox for Young Surgeons

Monthly Conference Call Schedule

Each committee meets one Wednesday a month via conference call.

  • 1st Wednesday: Associate Fellow, 7:00 pm CT
  • 1st Wednesday: Advocacy & Issues, 8:00 pm CT
  • 2nd Wednesday: Communications, 8:00 pm CT
  • 3rd Wednesday: Membership, 8:00 pm CT
  • 4th Wednesday: Education, 8:00 pm CT

Contact and tell us which committee you would like to join and we will include you in the roster.