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The following individuals serve in leadership roles with the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS). Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the RAS-ACS Executive Committee, other committees, or to serve as a liaison representative to a College Chapter, Advisory Council, Board of Governors Workgroup, or ACS Committee should send their interest to

Review the Bylaws of the RAS-ACS.

Executive Committee

Naveen Sangji, MD

Vice-Chair: Naveen Sangji, MD

Raphael Sun, MD

Secretary: Raphael Sun, MD

RAS-ACS Executive Committee

Organizational Structure

Get InvolvedRAS-ACS Committees

Five RAS-ACS committees are open to member participation. For additional information on a specific committee, or to join a committee, contact

Advocacy and Issues Committee

Christopher McNicoll, MD, MPH, MS

Chair: Christopher McNicoll, MD, MPH, MS

Julia R. Coleman, MD, MPH

Vice-Chair: Julia R. Coleman, MD, MPH

Membership Committee

Yewande Alimi, MD, MHS

Chair: Yewande Alimi, MD, MHS

Madeline Torres-Hernandez, MD

Vice-Chair: Madeline Torres-Hernandez, MD

Education Committee

Hari Keshava, MD, MS

Chair: Hari Keshava, MD, MS



Vice-Chair: Cassie Sonntag, MD

Communications Committee

Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD

Chair: Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD

Red Hoffman, MD

Vice-Chair: Red Hoffman, MD

Associate Fellow Committee

Juliet Emamaullee, MD, PhD, FRCSC

Chair: Juliet Emamaullee, MD, PhD, FRCSC

Shannon Castle, MD

Vice-Chair: Shannon Castle, MD


The mission of this organization is to:

  • Familiarize residents and young surgeons in all surgical specialties with the College and its programs and leadership
  • Provide an avenue for participation in College affairs
  • Enable members to develop and use leadership skills in organized surgery
  • Provide opportunities for the opinions and concerns of residents and young surgeons to be heard by the College leadership

While other medical societies have developed similar resident organizations, the RAS-ACS is the only surgical organization devoted to the concerns and needs of all surgical residents and young surgeons.


Participation in RAS-ACS provides the following benefits:

  • Free access to the College's job bank
  • Information on clinical and research fellowship opportunities
  • Free subscription to the Journal of the American College of Surgeons
  • Newsletter and website
  • Educational materials to meet the requirements for board certification
  • Opportunities to serve on various committees of the College
  • Free early registration for Clinical Congress and access to CME credits
  • Clinical Congress programming designed to meet the needs of surgical residents and young surgeons
  • Access to ACS-sponsored insurance programs (life, health, disability)
  • Opportunities for local chapter affiliation
  • A voice in advocacy and policy-making issues concerning residents and young surgeons

For additional information regarding the benefits, activities, and how to join the sub-committees of the RAS-ACS, please contact

RAS Leadership

Chrystal Johnson-Mann, MD

Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
RAS Communications Committee

Joining a committee gave Dr. Mann unique career-building opportunities.