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RAS-JACS Journal Club Structure

Article Selection Process

The RAS Executive Committee—consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary—curate the articles published in JACS and select approximately four articles for each journal club that are then posted on the RAS Twitter account for voting. The group selects articles that are published in JACS throughout the year, with additional journal club articles selected from societal publications in JACS, including the Southern Surgical Association, Western Surgical Association, and the ACS Surgical Forum from the Clinical Congress.


The articles curated by the RAS-JACS Journal Club leadership are posted on Twitter using the polling feature. These are voted on by the online surgical community for a week, at which time a winning article is selected for discussion.


How the Discussion Works

After a winning article is selected, discussion topics are developed by the JACS Editorial Board, RAS-JACS leadership, and RAS members involved with the journal club. Subject-matter experts, RAS moderators, and the article’s authors are invited to participate in the online discussion and provide expert commentary. Over a two-day period, the topics are posted for discussion on both the RAS Facebook page and Twitter account. Check out the schedule for upcoming journal clubs.

Where to Find the Discussion

Primary discussion takes place on Twitter, where the discussion is very active and dynamic throughout the day. The primary location of expert commentary is found on the RAS Facebook page where there are no character limits for an individual post. The subject-matter experts and authors will often post their perspectives on both platforms to stimulate discussion. Follow @RASACS for further information and search the #RASJACS hashtag for active participation in the Journal Club.

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