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RAS-ACS Hangouts

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Upcoming Hangouts

How to Prepare as You Graduate Residency: Mastery in General Surgery Program Offers Personalized Mentorship

Monday, May 13, 7:00 pm (Central)

Master in General Surgery ProgramAre you getting ready to graduate from residency? Learn about the ACS Mastery in General Surgery (MasteryGS) Program to learn about how the program can offer you a personalized mentorship.

In this hangout, we will discuss:

  • How to choose a fellowship post residency
  • What to look for in a MasteryGS location site.
  • The actual transition into practice (looking for "the job" and being successful once you get it)
  • Growing from the resident ON the service to the fellow FOR the service to the attending OF the service—graduated mindset and responsibility
  • Unbiased mentorship
  • Time to get real: Vet a practice plan/plan a career
  • Time to start learning to be comfortable with your name on the chart
  • Making a mistake without major consequences


Talitha Brown, MDTalitha Brown, MD
General surgeon
Maria Parham Health, Henderson, NC

Lauren Licata, MDLauren Licata, MD
General surgeon
Southside Hospital, Bay Shore, NY

Choosing a Specialty: Rural Surgery

Monday, June 17, 8:00 pm (Central)

Are you interested in rural surgery? Join Drs. Laura Stearns and Mike Sarap members of the ACS Rural Surgery Advisory Council, and Dr. Alisha Reiss from Greenville, OH to discuss the ins and outs of thoracic surgery as a specialty.

During this hangout, we will discuss the following:

  • Why chose rural surgery?
  • What is a rural surgeon?
  • Rural surgery shortage
  • Rural surgery residency tracks


  • Mike Sarap, MD, FACS
    Cambridge, Ohio
  • Alisha Reiss, MD, FACS
    Greenville, OH
  • Laura Sterns, DO
    PGY-2 Western Michigan School of Medicine