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Group Enrollment and Billing Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Resident membership?

  • Graduation from a medical school acceptable to the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • Current status as a resident enrolled in an accredited training program focused on an American Board of Medical Specialties surgical specialty, or current status as a surgeon in a second residency, surgical research, or surgical fellowship program acceptable to the ACS

What are the application fees and dues?

Interns have their application fee waived. All other residents, and Fellows, incur a $20 application fee. Annual dues for Resident members are $25.

When are the annual dues billed?

Dues balances will appear online in your residents’ membership profiles in early April. Paper dues bills are mailed in mid-April if payment is not made online.

When is payment due? What is the membership year?

Payments are due by July 1. For Resident members, we follow the U.S. academic year, so memberships are active from July 1 through June 30 of a given year. Memberships with dues balances that remain unpaid at the end of the calendar year are discontinued.

Can I enroll residents at any time?

Yes. Applications for Resident membership are accepted year round.

What information do I need to provide to enroll new residents?

For each resident, you will need to provide their:

  • Current contact information 
  • Information about their medical education
  • Information about their status in your training program 
  • Details about their medical license 
  • Information about their graduate degrees (other than their MD), if applicable
  • Information about their military service, if applicable

Will my residents still receive an individual dues statement?

If your request for group billing is initiated before the dues statements are printed in mid-April, your residents will not receive dues statements.

Can I remove residents from my membership roster at any time?

Yes. If a resident leaves your program, you may log into the portal to update your program’s membership roster. The resident will be removed from your list, but their membership will remain active with ACS and they will be responsible for maintaining it independent of your program.

What if some of my residents already paid their dues?

If a resident has paid their dues before your group payment has been submitted, the dues payment received first will be credited. We are unable to offer refunds, but can provide receipts for reimbursement purposes.

Once my residents are enrolled, do they have to do anything?

When your residents become members, they will be sent a welcome e-mail. The e-mail will provide them with information about accessing and updating their membership profile online and will introduce them to the benefits of membership. If your program will be paying your residents’ dues annually, be sure to let them know to disregard the annual ACS dues notifications.

What if my residents are already members of ACS?

If you know that your residents are members, you do not need to submit new enrollments for them, but you can use the billing option to pay dues and renew their memberships. If you do not know your residents’ ACS membership status and submit a new enrollment for a resident who is already an ACS member, your application fee payment will be refunded.

What if some of my residents do not have an MD or a DO?

We are unable to accept applications for Resident membership from trainees who do not have either a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (DO). For non-MD/DO residents, we offer an Affiliate membership category that provides access to many of the benefits of ACS membership.

What if I enrolled my interns in the Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum (FSC)?

FSC enrollment includes the first year of ACS Resident membership free of charge. You do not need to enroll those residents as new members; however, they will appear in your portal so that you can pay their dues and renew their membership moving forward.

Which browser works best with the program?

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer, 10 and higher

What if I have additional questions?

The staff of the ACS Division of Member Services may be contacted at 800-293-4029 or