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Young Fellows Association (YFA)

The YFA serves as an inclusive organization representing all Fellows of the American College of Surgeons who are 45 years old and younger and provides opportunities to be involved with College activities. All inductees of the College who are active in surgical practice are automatically members of the YFA upon receiving the designation of FACS.

Goals of the YFA include:

  1. Education:
    • Provide opportunities for young surgeons to expand their knowledge regarding aspects of surgical practice.
    • Promote educational opportunities for peers and future surgeons.
    • Offer educational programming at ACS Clinical Congress on topics that are relevant to young surgeons.
  2. Research and Optimal Care: 
    • Provide opportunities to explore the dynamic practice of surgery, focusing on the needs of young surgeons and the surgical patient.
    • Identify areas of investigation that are particularly relevant to young surgeons.
  3. Advocacy and Health Policy:
    • Represent the interests of young surgeons and their patients.
    • Educate the College and public on concerns specific to all surgeons.
    • Educate and empower young surgeons to be more effective advocates locally and nationally.
  4. Member Services:
    • Develop methods of providing services needed by the young surgeon and endeavor to include all young surgeons under the umbrella of the College.
    • Appoint interested Appoint interested Young Fellows as liaisons to College committees and workgroups.

YFA membership on Chapter Councils is a priority initiative of the Board of Governors and ACS. Why should I have a YFA member on my Chapter Council?:

  1. To ensure young surgeon representation in chapter activities and committees.
  2. To encourage new membership within the chapter, to retain existing members, and to ensure a pipeline of new leadership in the years ahead.
  3. To encourage the distribution of information among the younger membership.
  4. To encourage an esprit de corps among the younger members.
  5. To serve as a resource for residents and medical students who seek a career in surgery.

For more information on the YFA, visit the College’s Young Fellows Association web page.