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The Committee on Trauma State Chair’s Relationship with Chapters

Chairs of State/Provincial Committees

Chairs are appointed through the office of the Trauma director by the chair of the ACS Committee on Trauma (COT) following nomination by the appropriate region chief and approval of the chair of the regional committees. Nomination of a state/provincial chair by a region chief requires consultation by the region chief with the president of the respective state chapter of the American College of Surgeons. A state/provincial chair is appointed for a period of three years. Reappointment for a second three-year term may be recommended by the region chief in consultation with the chair of the regional committees.

By College policy, state/provincial chairs are to serve on their chapter councils, which provides the chair an opportunity to inform the members of trauma activities and to coordinate with other chapter activities.

Role of State/Provincial Chair

State/provincial committees on trauma traditionally consider issues relating to all aspects of trauma surgery, that is, pre-hospital, emergency department, operating theater, intensive care, and rehabilitation within the state/province. The scope of these components includes: patient care, education and research.