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ACS Chapters

The chapters of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) provide you with opportunities to improve the quality of surgical care via educational, networking, and social events at the local level. We have 110 chapters across the world. Local chapters work in conjunction with the College to provide outstanding networking and educational opportunities and professional development resources through chapter meetings, conferences, and community outreach. Both the ACS chapters and the College share and support the same goals, which include our most import—our mission to be “dedicated to improving the care of the surgical patient and to safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment.” 

ACS chapters also offer a venue for all of our members—from all surgical specialties—to communicate. Through our chapters, you can become actively engaged in legislative advocacy efforts that directly affect the socioeconomic aspects of health care. Get InvolvedChapter membership is open to all members of the College.

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For more information about forming an ACS Domestic Chapter, please contact Luke Moreau, Manager, Domestic Chapter Services, at 312-202-5737 or

For more information about forming an ACS International Chapter, please contact Brian Frankel, Manager, International Chapter Services and Special Initiatives, at 312-202-5361 or

Collaborating at the Chapter Level

Dr. Ferdinand discusses the importance of ACS Fellows being involved in their local Chapters.

International Chapter Initiative

The Dr. Pon Fund allows international chapters to create a local educational course that includes faculty from the ACS, such as the General Surgery Review Course. Chapters are encouraged to by apply by the January 16 deadline for presentation of a program within one year of the award.

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Chapter Webinars

Increase your knowledge. ACS Chapter Services will be hosting webinars designed to offer our chapters up-to-the-minute discussions on best practices, industry-leading strategies, and business-critical research.

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Chapter Partner Program

The ACS Governors Chapter Activities Domestic and International Workgroups is pleased to announce the newly enhanced Chapter Partner Program 2.0! Expand your relationships among Fellows and strengthen ACS Chapters globally.

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Committees on Applicants

Committees on Applicants are local interviewing bodies in the U.S. and Canada of the College that are responsible for reviewing applicants for Fellowship in the ACS. Each committee is responsible for investigating, interviewing, and evaluating applicants in their local area for Fellowship and for providing the College with a recommendation as to each applicant's eligibility.

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Chapter Advocacy Grant Program

The Chapter Advocacy Grant program allows chapters to organize a state capitol lobby day with financial support from the College. Chapters may apply annually for a grant for up to $5,000 in a given year, and must match one dollar for every two received. For example, a grant of $5,000 would require a chapter match of $2,500 for a total $7,500.

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