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Medical Student Toolkit

Christopher DuCoin, MD, FACS, presents the ACS Medical Student Toolkit to the Tulane Honors Surgery Interest Group at Tulane University School of Medicine

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has been committed to helping surgeons build, enhance, and enrich their careers for more than 100 years. The ACS currently has more than 82,000 members, and is the largest and most comprehensive voice for all surgeons. We encourage you to support your medical students to become members of the ACS and take advantage of the many resources and opportunities offered.

A Medical Student Toolkit has been developed for your use to illustrate the many benefits associated with being an ACS medical student member. The kit includes a PowerPoint presentation containing information about the benefits of medical student membership, ACS giveaways, and brochures and information on how to apply. Please contact Alison Powers at to request the Toolkit.

Please note that at this time we are not mailing our ACS Giveaways as a part of the Toolkit. All other elements of the Toolkit are available for download through this online form.

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