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Medical Student Podcasts

About the Series

One of the core values that stems from the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS) Membership Committee is “Paying it Forward.” As a result, this  committee started the ACS Medical Student Podcast Series to help pass on our experiences to future generations. We believe the podcast series will be able to improve future experiences for medical students who enter the surgical field and give them some guidance with common topics related to research, interviews, matching and the list goes on!

Podcast Lineup

Entering Residency
Nelson Royall, MD

How to Matriculate into Residency as a Surgical Resident
Paulvalery Roulette, MD

How to Succeed in the Urology Match
Woodson Smelser, MD

Letters of Recommendations
How Yee Heidi Hon, MD

Selecting a Specialty
Jacob Petrosky, MD

The Matching Process in General Surgery
Red Hoffman, MD

What If I Don’t Match? What Are My Options?
Maya Babu, MD, MBA

The podcast series was recorded by volunteers from the resident to the attending levels who have been intimately involved with the ACS. We hope to continue to expand the number of podcasts on a annual basis. 

Please enjoy and if you have any specific requests for topics, please feel free to e-mail us at