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Medical Student Educational Modules

The ACS Committee on Medical Student Education’s medical student-led Student Resource Task Force has developed modules, with a specific focus on surgery, to address some of the questions that typically arise during medical school. The content is downloadable and available at no cost. The modules may be used as a self-directed instructional exercise or as part of a group discussion at a Surgery Interest Group meeting.

Module 1: A Medical Student’s 4-Year Timeline to Surgical Residency Application

Module 2: How to Shadow a Surgeon as a Medical Student

Module 3: Anatomy of the Operating Room

Module 4: Commonly Used Surgical Instruments

Module 5: What to Carry in Your White Coat on Surgery Rounds—Print this out, laminate it, and use it as a checklist

Module 6: A Medical Student's Guide to Advocacy

Module 7: Surgical Documentation Primer

Module 8: Feedback in the OR

If you have any feedback regarding these modules, or you would like to see modules covering specific topics, let us know by contacting Kim Echert, Sr. Manager, Programs to Enhance Resident and Medical Student Education, at