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Medical Student Simulation-Based Surgical Skills Curriculum


The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) have developed a new resource for medical school faculty entitled the ACS/ASE Medical Student Simulation-Based Surgical Skills Curriculum. This joint program, developed under the aegis of the ACS Division of Education, provides materials that use simulation and simulators to help medical students:

  • have structured, uniform, and consistent learning experiences
  • acquire the essential surgical skills needed by all physicians
  • build a solid foundation for further training

The simulation-based modules can be used to teach clinical skills ranging from taking a history and physical and signing out a patient, to inserting a central venous line with ultrasound guidance. The topics are aligned based on the year during which they are most commonly taught.

Module Features

The modules are self-contained and can be used either as free-standing learning activities or in a stepwise fashion as part of the entire curriculum. Modules can be implemented in a proctored small or large group setting, or individually. Features of the modules include the following:

  • Objectives, Assumptions, and Suggested Readings
  • Step-by-step Description of the Techniques, Tasks, and Procedure with photographs
  • Discussion of Common Errors
  • Expert Performance Videos
  • Assessment Tool for scoring student performance and providing feedback
  • Description of the Simulation Laboratory Model, including Suggested Stations, Supplies, and Set Up

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