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Metro Surgical Savannah

Savannah, GA

Number of Positions Offered: 2

Contact Information

Mastery in General Surgery Program Chief

Priscilla G. Thomas, MD

Additional Information

5354 Reynolds Street, #202
Savannah, GA 31405


Metro Surgical

Program Highlights

Metro Surgical Savannah has many different types of opportunities and a variety of surgical subspecialists. Six-month long experiences in both urban (Savannah, GA) and rural (Jesup, GA) settings will be offered. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the Junior Associate with the skills and confidence to flourish in any practice setting as a general surgeon.

Program Description

The Program Chief and all of the Senior Associates have had years of experience with both surgical education and leadership. As such, the group will be able to provide strong mentorship for the Junior Associate. All of the Senior Associates have a wide variety of educational and mentorship experience as well.

The Junior Associate will spend six months in Savannah with the Senior Associate subspecialists and six months in Jesup with the general surgeons. The surgical group also has practice locations in Baxley, Rincon, Pooler, and other small towns in Georgia, if the Junior Associate wishes to expand his/her rural experience.

The expectation of the Junior Associate will be to cover call at least one night per week and at least one weekend per month. There will always be back-up for the Junior Associate for all facets of the experience. As the Junior Associate gains confidence in their competencies, supervision will change from direct to indirect. This will facilitate the Junior Associate’s transition into an efficient and autonomous role. The Junior Associate will also participate in medical student education.

An initial interview will establish expectations and goals of the Mastery Program experience. Feedback will be given to the Junior Associate on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Every three months, the Program Chief will meet with the Junior Associate to discuss their progress and to ensure that the experience is helping him/her achieve the set goals. The mid-year evaluation process will be executed by compiling the various Senior Associates’ written evaluations and discussing the Junior Associate’s progress toward the goals for the year. The rest of the Junior Associate’s experience can then be tailored to ensure that his/her goals are met and that the experience is optimal for personal and professional growth. The Final Assessment of the Junior Associate will be performed through a meeting format, in which the compilation of evaluations from all of the Senior Associates will be reviewed. The meeting will also include feedback from the Junior Associate about his/her experience in the program.

The Junior Associate will have the opportunity to learn billing and collections with personnel associated with the practice. Each Senior Associate in the group has a unique surgical practice background, providing a breadth of contract negotiation skills. Learning opportunities for quality improvement, safety initiatives, etc., will be present throughout the Junior Associate’s experience.

CME activities will be tailored according to the individual needs of the Junior Associate and a wide range of activities are supported. Associates preparing for boards will have arrangements that would work with their schedule for board review and teaching sessions.

Senior Associates

Mark E. Blankenship, MD, FACS
Joey L. Christmas, MD
Anthony M. Foley, MD, FACS
Ravindra K. George, MBBS, FACS
John W. Odom, MD, FACS
William Richards, MD
Michelino Scarlata, MD