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ACS FSC Goals and Objectives

The goal of the ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum® is to ensure that first-year surgical residents have encountered simulations of the critical situations they will face in real life and have learned a safe way to approach each patient. The curriculum allows all residents to manage specific simulated case scenarios addressing essential content areas without the variability sometimes associated with clinical rotations. In addition, residents are able to learn, test various options, make errors, and engage in the self-assessment process without the concerns associated with real patients.

After successful completion of the ACS FSC, participants will be able to:

  • Manage surgical patients using a systematic approach—recognizing and assessing symptoms and signs, ordering appropriate tests and procedures, evaluating data, and initiating appropriate actions
  • Make appropriate decisions about involving other team members—notifying more senior residents, attending surgeons, or other health care professionals—or implementing independent decisions