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Pediatric Urostomy

You are an important member of the surgical team. We want to help prepare you and your family for full participation and the best recovery. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Ostomy Home Skills Program was developed by members of your surgical team. This program will walk you through understanding your child’s urostomy, skills to manage your child’s urostomy at home, problem solving and other home management tips, as well as other resources.

About Your Child's Urostomy
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Ostomy Home Skills Kit

  • A booklet with information on the operation, home skills such as emptying and changing a pouch, problem solving, and home management.
  • A DVD with demonstration of each skill
  • Stoma Practice Model
  • Stoma supplies (measurement guide, marking pen, scissors, sample pouch)
  • Ostomy self-care checklist
  • Evaluation

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Preparing for Your Operation

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