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The Recovery Room

You understand health. But do you understand medicine?

Making sense of modern medicine, The Recovery Room is an audio conversation with experts in surgery, medicine, ethics, and public health about the latest developments in medicine and health care.

It can be frightening and intimidating when you or a loved one requires surgery or treatment of disease. The Recovery Room host and surgical oncologist  Frederick L. (“Rick”) Greene, MD, FACS, helps you navigate the complex world of modern medicine. From breakthroughs in research and treatment to policy changes and ethical debates, The Recovery Room brings you to the front lines of medical practice and innovation.

The first 18 episodes of the show, which originally aired in 2010 are now online and can be downloaded as podcasts.

Current Episode
Released March 16, 2015

Episode 025: The Essential Relationship Between Surgeon and Pathologist

It is rare that a surgical patient ever meets his or her pathologist. Although interacting with one’s surgeon is commonplace, a patients does not often get to know the medical specialists who work behind the scenes to deliver care. In this episode of The Recovery Room, host Dr. Rick Greene speaks with two experts about the surgeon-pathologist relationship, each from the respective fields of surgery and pathology: Carolyn Compton, MD, an academic pathologist at Arizona State University, and Terry Sarantou, MD, FACS, a surgical oncologist at the Levine Cancer Institute.

Support for this episode was provided by the American College of Surgeons.