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Informed Consent

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Informed consent is a legal and ethical requirement in which physicians and patients exchange information concerning a patient’s condition and proposed treatment options. The process culminates in the patient’s decision to a specific treatment or procedure. Numerous guidelines exist for informed consent including:

ACS members were surveyed in 2006 and again in 2009. On both occasions, 97 percent of ACS members surveyed requested assistance with the development of procedure-specific informed consent templates.

In response to the survey, the ACS made special arrangements for the iMedConsent™ PE application to be available at a substantial discount for ACS members. Learn more about how iMedConsent™ PE can be beneficial to your practice or institution.

iMedConsent™ PE Application

By special arrangement with the ACS, the IMedConsent™ PE application is available to ACS members at a substantial discount. The iMedConsent™ database includes more than 3,500 treatments and procedures. The easy-to-understand, procedure-specific consent forms (see sample forms below) cover all procedures and treatments for a given surgical specialty. Each consent form has been reviewed by Taylor Healthcare’s Medical Advisory Board—a panel of three board-certified surgeons representing that specialty. 

All clinical content is updated continuously to meet current national and state requirements.  The system can interface with all electronic health record (EHR) systems and support is provided by the Taylor Healthcare team.

The special “ACS template” of the Web-based iMedConsent™ PE application was previewed at the 2009 Clinical Congress in Chicago and formally launched at the 2010 Clinical Congress in Washington, DC. 

iMedConsent features

  • A comprehensive template consent that contains:
    • Procedure-specific consent information that supports ACS informed-consent policy (including a discussion of pre- and post-surgery expectations)
    • Medical record note (optional)
    • Pre-procedure instructions (optional)
    • Post-procedure instructions (optional)
    • The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist–Sign In, Time Out, Sign Out (optional)
  • All consents can be personalized with the surgeon name and practice details. Options for further customization are available, including adding a particular legal statement or language concerning observers, photography, or tissue samples. 
  • Surgeons can perform one-time customizations of individual-consent documents to reflect their preferences or unique approach to a particular procedure. Those modifications will “stick” for that surgeon but will not impact the customizations made by other surgeons within the same practice.
  • Each consent document can be readily modified to reflect the individual patient. For example, discussion that patient is a heavy smoker and their risks are increased can be added by the surgeon and reflected in the consent and automated progress note. 
  • Exhaustive content library of patient education materials, anatomical images, and drug monographs in English and Spanish for a single specialty.

iMedConsent™ PE Pricing and Free Trial 

Your 30-Day Review and Trial

There are two options for experiencing the iMedConsent™ PE application. First, you can create a user name and password to a limited, demo version of the iMedConsent™ PE application. All you need is your practice name and your professional (not personal) email address to be up and running in 60 seconds. The demo version of the iMedConsent™ PE application will allow you to:

  • Produce detailed, easy-to-understand consent documents for approximately 400 General Surgery procedures.
  • View sample consent documents, produced using different consent templates, in the Consents – Samples folder.
  • View the titles of the consent forms and other documents available across 36 clinical specialties.
  • Start your free iMedConsent™ PE trial today.

The second option for experiencing the iMedConsent™ PE application is to contact the Taylor Healthcare Customer Service Team at 800-482-7963. Please do this if your particular clinical specialty is not General Surgery. A Taylor Healthcare Customer Service Representative can have you up and running with the iMedConsent™ PE application in minutes. Although intuitive to use, printing a copy of the Quick Start Guide may prove very helpful (requires Adobe Reader). 

ACS Member Pricing

Through a special arrangement, the iMedConsent™ PE application is available to ACS members at a 30 percent discount. The discount will apply to new orders and annual subscription renewal rates. Discounts will be applied at the time of purchase.

Number of Physicians
in the Practice

List Price
Year 1

ACS Member Price
Year 1

List Price
Annual Renewal

ACS Member Price
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All pricing is per physician and does not include applicable taxes. For practices with more than five physicians, please contact Taylor Healthcare for pricing.

Sample Consent Forms 

Taylor Healthcare has provided four typical informed consent templates for you to review. Any of these may be customized to meet the needs of your practice.

CVC Catheter Placement Consent
Employs a detailed consent form containing embedded pre- and post- instructions.

Chest Tube Placement Consent
Employs a detailed consent with separate pre- and post- instructions.

Appendectomy Consent
Employs a detailed consent with a medical record note and pre- and post- instructions.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Consent
Employs a detailed consent, a medical record note, pre- and post- instructions, and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

Contact Us

For questions about the program, contact the ACS Division of Education Surgical Patient Education Program at 312-202-5263 or

For support, product questions, or to purchase the web-based iMedConsent™ PE application, please contact the Taylor Healthcare Customer Service Team at 800-482-7963 or at or via this contact link.