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Patients and Family

Surgical Patient Education for a Better Recovery

When your doctor asks you or a family member to consider having an operation, you may have questions. The American College of Surgeons can help. Our goal is to help you fully participate in your care and recovery.

We provide information you can use to more fully understand some common surgical procedures. Our resources include home skills kits to prepare you for surgical care once you leave the hospital and information on various surgical procedures. There is also an online “Find a Surgeon” search tool available.

These resources can help you be better informed and empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to actively participate in your care, both in the hospital and at home. You have a role in your recovery, and we are dedicated to providing the information you need to participate.

We also offer surgical patient educational materials for health care professionals.

Information for Patients

We offer educational information to help you and your families become informed about your operation and surgical care.

Information for Professionals

Advisory: Don’t Feed Peanuts to Infants and Young Children

The American College of Surgeons releases a safety advisory in response to recent news coverage of a scientific article published February 26, 2015, in the New England Journal of Medicine on peanut consumption on infants at risk for a peanut allergy.

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