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Education Program Videos

Our “Straight from the Source” video series shares our members’ perspectives about education programs from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) that help them embrace the joy of lifelong learning and access resources to enhance their surgical practices.  

View our collection of “Straight from the Source” videos where your colleagues celebrate education as the cornerstone of surgical excellence. We hope this information will help you to identify state-of-the-art, relevant, and inspiring education and training opportunities available from the ACS Division of Education.

Straight from the Source Videos

ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum

The ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum® (ACS FSC) is a highly interactive, case-based, online curriculum that addresses the essential content areas that all surgical residents need to master in the early years of training. The curriculum includes more than 110 simulated case scenarios in which residents are asked to recognize and assess symptoms and signs, order appropriate tests and procedures, evaluate data, and initiate appropriate actions.
(Video released: April 2017)

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Evidence-Based Decisions in Surgery

Evidence-Based Decisions in Surgery are mobile “point of care” modules based on currently available practice guidelines. Surgeons discuss why the expert-validated evidence is a modern and effective way of injecting science and data into daily practice to help surgeons build confidence in case-by-case decision making.
(Video released: December 2016)

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Surgeons as Educators

ACS Surgeons as Educators is a six-day intensive course designed to provide surgeons with the knowledge and skills to enhance their abilities as teachers and administrators of surgical education programs.
(Video released: October 2016)

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General Surgery Review

The ACS Comprehensive General Surgery Review Course is a three-and-a-half-day intensive review of the essential content areas in general surgery, taught by expert faculty. The course is followed by monthly review modules to help keep participants engaged in learning and current on surgical topics.
(Video released: September 2016)

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Surgeons as Leaders

The Surgeons as Leaders program is a three-day course for surgeons of all backgrounds and specialties who aspire to enhance their skills in leading people, groups and organizations.
(Video released: September 2016)

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The ACS Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program (SESAP®) has been a premier educational resource for practicing surgeons since 1971. Practicing surgeons use SESAP to keep current with established surgical practices and prepare for high-stakes exams or fulfill Maintenance of Certification Part 2 requirements.
(Video released: August 2016)

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Mastery in General Surgery Program

The Mastery in General Surgery Program guides surgeons during the transition from training to practice with a one-year, paid staff position at ACS-accredited sites and has its origins in the Transition to Practice  (TTP) Program. ACS Fellows discuss how the TTP program has given them the opportunity to increase autonomy in a clinical setting, build their competence and confidence, develop practice management skills, and gain practical experience for the next phase of their careers.
(Video released: March 2016)

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Accredited Education Institutes

The ACS Accredited Education Institutes (ACS-AEI) offer state-of-the-art, simulation-based surgical education and training at regional levels to address the ongoing training and assessment needs of surgeons throughout their careers. Fellows discuss how ACS-AEIs have enhanced their surgical careers and how these centers continue to set standards for how surgical education and training should be offered across the nation.
(Video released: November 2015)

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Selected Readings in General Surgery

The ACS' Selected Readings in General Surgery (SRGS®) scours peer-reviewed medical journals for the most relevant evidence-based content. ACS Fellows discuss how they use this product to spend their time learning, not searching.
(Video released: May 2015)

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