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Continuum or Chasm: Using Assessment Strategies to Bridge the UME and GME Divide
(Posted May 2018)
Kimberly M. Brown, MD, FACS, and Emil R. Petrusa, PhD

This article is intended for clerkship directors, leaders in Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), and residency program directors who are interested in the current state and evolving innovations in assessing clinical skills of trainees during the transition between medical school and residency. This article seeks to:

  • Describe Entrustable Program Activities (EPAs) as the emerging framework for longitudinal clinical skills training and assessment across the continuum of UME and Graduate Medical Education (GME)
  • Review workplace-based assessments in general as a key clinical skills assessment methodology
  • Summarize other existing and emerging strategies for assessing skills across the UME to GME continuum

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