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Telehealth and the New Normal: Maintaining Bedside Teaching Concepts in a Virtual Environment
Posted November 2020
Carl Gustaf S. Axelsson, MD, MPhil, MMSc; Michael G. Healy, EdD; Roy Phitayakorn, MD, MHPE

For clinician-educators, the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has introduced both challenges and opportunities in maintaining a productive learning environment. As the world moves towards a “new normal,” educators will need to convert high-quality bedside teaching, to equally high-quality “webside teaching.’ The intended audience for this article is surgical residents, surgical educators, and medical students. After reading this article, the reader will be able to do the following:

  • To explain the fundamentals of telehealth
  • To describe basic actions that can be taken by medical students, residents and attending physicians when transitioning from a bedside to webside
  • To summarize the rationale for these basic actions that can be taken in surgical education when transitioning from a bedside to webside

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