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ACS AEI R&D Committee’s Research Manual

The research manual evolved from a perceived need for guidance, education, and an enhancement of the quality of scholarly work emerging from simulation and surgical education research.

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Guidelines for Simulator Development

The AEI Technology and Simulation Committee has developed a set of recommendations for preferred characteristics of surgical simulation. Download the Guidelines for Simulation Development.

Simulator Value Index Tool

Do you need help making the best decision about simulator purchases? Do you need to justify simulator purchases to leadership at your institution?

The Simulator Value Index (SVI) tool is founded on scientific evidence from the medical simulation community and designed to facilitate decision making during the simulator evaluation and purchase process via a standardized mechanism. Developed via collaborative project led by Deborah Rooney, PhD, at the University of Michigan, and the Technologies and Simulation Committee of the ACS-AEI Consortium.

AEI User’s Guide

AEI User's Guide to Apply for Accreditation

AEI Glossary of Terms

This guide provides the instructions, directions, examples, and suggestions on how to best write and assemble an application for initial accreditation or reaccreditation using the revised standards and criteria. It also serves as a resource when new questions arise during the daily operations of an AEI.

AEI CME Activity Calendar Submission Form

AEI CME Activity Calendar Submission Form

The AEI CME Activity Calendar Submission form was developed to provide you with an easier way to submit your activities to the AEI Calendar. For more information contact Amy Johnson, Program Coordinator, at or 312-202-5415.

Consortium Abstract Research Database

Consortium Abstract Research Database

The ACS-AEI Research and Development Committee provided the Consortium with the Consortium Abstract Research Database as a reference tool. This database includes all Consortium abstracts since 2008.

Presentations and Podcasts

Presentations and Podcasts from AEI Meetings
View presentation slides and listen to audio from past AEI Meetings.