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Fellowship Committee


Robert M. Sweet, MD, FACS


Robert Acton, MD, FACS
Sanket Chauhan, MD
Denise Gee, MD, FACS
Mitchell H. Goldman, MD, FACS
Leonard Lamsen, MD
Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD, FACS
Ngan Nguyen, PhD, CHSE
Cate Nicholas, EdD, MS, PA


Kathleen A. Johnson, EdM
Cathy Sormalis


The Fellowship Committee is responsible for the Standards and Criteria and the recommendation of accreditation for the Fellowship Program of the Consortium of ACS-accredited Education Institutes. Only AEIs are eligible to apply to the Fellowship Program. Accredited Fellowships are typically one or two-year long programs in which young surgeons work to develop, evaluate and deliver medical education curricula enhanced by simulation technologies. The Committee is charged with reviewing the data and information submitted in applications and formulating recommendations on whether the program meets the criteria as an accredited Fellowship Program. Recommendations are then sent to the Accreditation Review Committee for a secondary review, and at that time, accreditation decisions are made to accredit the Fellowship Programs that applied.


  • Review the data and information submitted in the Fellowship applications and make accreditation recommendations to the Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) annually in October
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall Fellowship Program as needed
  • Assist with planning a special session for Fellows at the annual Consortium Meeting
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration among the Fellows

If you have questions, or would like to nominate someone for this committee, please contact Cathy Sormalis, AEI Manager, at or 312-202-5535.