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Administration and Management Committee


Jennifer Calzada, MA, MPH
Farrah F. Leland, JD


Jeffrey D. Howells, MS, MBA


Ruth Braga, MSN, RN
Melinda Klar, RN
Katie Lehner, BS, CST
Katherine L. McGurk
Valerie Overholt, DO
Jonathan P. Pearl, MD, FACS
Lisa Satterthwaite, RPN, ORT, Consultant
Dawn Swiderski, MSN, RN, CCRN, CHSE
Lizzy H. Wooley


Amy Johnson
Kathleen A. Johnson, EdM


The Administration and Management Committee of the Consortium of American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes (ACS-AEI) will support the credo of the ACS AEI by offering guidance, education, support and knowledge transfer between global members of the assembly to enhance growth and development of management and administration of surgical simulation centers.


Development and dissemination of operational strategies to the assembly for establishing or established AEI Centers to:

  • Discuss best practice values
  • Discuss and develop fundraising approaches
  • Review legal and liability issues
  • Discuss human resource guidelines and other business development practices