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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators™?

In October 2014, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education presented to the Board of Regents a proposal to establish an ACS Academy of Master Surgeon Educators. The Regents approved the proposal unanimously. The aim of the new ACS Academy of Master Surgeon Educators is to recognize and assemble a cadre of Master Surgeon Educators of national and international renown who will work closely with the ACS Division of Education to advance the science and practice of avant-garde surgical education and training.

The goals of the Academy include defining megatrends in surgical education and training; steering advances in the field; fostering innovation and collaboration; supporting faculty development and recognition; and underscoring the critical importance of surgical education and training in the changing milieu of health care. Academy members are selected through a rigorous peer-review process and induction into the Academy will be a very high honor. Members of the Academy will be expected to engage actively in activities to address the aforementioned goals. Academy membership will be open to Master Surgeon Educators from across the surgical specialties.

Why is the Academy needed?

Currently, there is no national educational academy that reaches across the House of Surgery, and the ACS Academy of Master Surgeon Educators will fill a much-needed gap in innovative surgical education. The Academy will play a pivotal role in providing recognition to master surgeon educators and advancing the science and implementation of surgical education. The Academy is a unique program of the ACS and induction into the Academy demonstrates the highest achievements in the domain of surgical education, as evaluated by stringent peer review. In addition, the work of the Academy will significantly advance surgical education through innovation, mentorship, scholarship, and educational programs.

Who are the members of the Steering Committee?

The ACS Steering Committee for the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators is co-chaired by L.D. Britt, MD, MPH, DSc(Hon), FACS, FCCM, FRCSEng(Hon), FRCSEd(Hon), FWACS(Hon), FRCSI(Hon), FCS(SA)(Hon), FRCSGlasg(Hon), and Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC. Other members are Sir Murray Brennan, MD, FACS; Haile Debas, MD, FACS; David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS; L. Scott Levin MD, FACS; Leigh Neumayer, MD, FACS; and Carlos Pellegrini, MD, FACS.  

What are the activities of the Academy?

Specific activities would include:

  • Serving as an action group to define future trends in surgical education
  • Designing innovative educational programs
  • Implementing a national mentorship program
  • Contributing to a new publication, Proceedings of the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators
  • Collaborating with other thought leaders to advance surgical education
  • Promoting surgical education as a prestigious career path
  • Defining and disseminating surgical educational standards and best practices
How do I know if I am qualified?

There are three categories of membership (for details related to criteria, use the links below):

When can I apply?

Online applications for the Member and Associate Member categories are now being accepted. Applicants for these categories must be Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). (For information on becoming a Fellow, please visit our Member Services section or contact ACS Member Services at 312-202-5000.) Affiliate applications will be accepted at a future date.



Submission of personal applications

Process opens early March 2019. Must be submitted online by May 17, 2019.

Nominations of a colleague

Must be submitted online by April 26, 2019.

Submission of letters of reference (secured by ACS Division of Education)

Must be submitted online by June 7, 2019.

Notification to applicants

Applicants will be notified of the outcome in early August 2019.

Induction Ceremony of the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators in Chicago

October 4, 2019

Please note: Selected Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members must be present at the Induction Ceremony in order to be in the Academy. If there is a scheduling conflict, induction would be delayed until 2020.

How do I apply?

You could be considered for membership in the Academy through two avenues:

  • You may apply directly.
  • You may be nominated by a colleague and then complete the application.

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Click on the Personal Application button (or Apply button), and log in, using your ACS Member ID Credential.
  • Select the category of membership to which you are applying: Member or Associate Member. (Affiliate membership applications will become available at a future date.) 
  • Complete the online application, which asks you to include a personal statement and description of your contributions to the field of surgical education as outlined by the Academy criteria.
  • Upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Biosketch.
    • You may upload your entire CV
    • For the biosketch, please upload a summary no longer than one page. The summary should include the highlights of your accomplishments in surgical education, your positions, honors, and seminal contributions to the field.
  • Provide the name(s), title(s), institution(s), and contact information of three professional references. These individuals will be contacted by the ACS Division of Education, and provided a copy of your completed application, CV, biosketch, and Criteria for Membership. The letters will be held in the strictest confidence, only to be shared with the Academy Steering Committee. The ACS Division of Education will not provide any information about the content of the letters to the applicant.
How can I nominate someone?

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Complete the nomination form providing information on the nominee and your own information.
  • Special note for Non-ACS Members. If you are nominating an individual and you are not a member of the College, you will need to create an account. Creating an ACS account only take a few minutes.
What do I do if I am nominated?

If you are nominated, you will receive an e-mail that you have been nominated for membership in the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators. The nominator’s name will be provided. You will be invited to complete the application for membership and will be provided with a link to the application and information about the Academy.

What is the membership fee?

There is no cost to apply for membership in the Academy. If you are selected for membership in the Academy, the annual dues for Members will be $475. The annual dues for Associate Members will be $195.

How will the membership dues be used?

Membership dues will help to support programs and activities of the Academy, including an annual symposium, innovative programs and projects, a peer reviewed publication, and other communications.

Can I preview the application form?

To see a copy of the application, you may download the Member and Associate Member applications. These are .pdf versions of the application. Please note that you must apply to the Academy via the online application process.

For further information, who can I talk to?

All of the Steering Committee members listed above are available for more detailed discussions on topics related to the Academy. At the ACS, please contact:

Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC,
Alisa Nagler, JD, MA, EdD,
Susan Newman, MPH, Academy Administrator, or 312-202-5771