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Application, Review, and Selection Process

Application Process

All applicants, regardless of whether they are applying directly or are nominated by a colleague, will need to complete the online application, including selecting which category of membership they seek. There are three categories: Member and Associate Member, which are for FACS surgeons, and Affiliate Member, which is for the non-FACS, non-surgeon. Learn more about the criteria for each membership category.

The online application requires the following:

  • Personal statement
  • Answering questions that address each criterion for membership, including established record, current contributions, leadership, scholarship, recognition and awards, and mentorship (or personal educational development for the Associate Member category)
  • Listing of three professional references
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • One-page biosketch

In the FAQ, you can find a sample of each application (under the question “Can I preview the application?”).

After the application is submitted, Academy staff will reach out to the three references and ask for a one-page letter to support the membership of the applicant. While Academy staff will request and oversee the submission of letters of reference, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure the letters of reference are submitted by the deadline. Once all letters of reference are submitted, Academy staff will alert each applicant to let them know the application is complete.

Review and Selection Process

Once the application is complete, it is initially reviewed by two members of the Steering Committee, one of whom is assigned the role of the primary reviewer and the second, the secondary reviewer. The reviewers are assigned by ACS staff considering geography, institution, and any real or perceived conflicts of interest. Committee members recuse themselves if there is any conflict of interest. After assignments are made, each reviewer undertakes a thorough review of each application including the letters of reference, CV, and biosketch. Both reviewers complete the evaluation form based on the standards and criteria, along with their recommendation and present this information to the Steering Committee. The entire Steering Committee is also provided access to all applications to provide them complete data on the applicants. Individual committee members recuse themselves if they or the committee members have any concerns about a real or perceived conflict of interest about any candidate under review. Following the presentations of the primary and secondary reviewers, each candidate is discussed thoroughly and a final decision about selection is made by the Committee as a whole.  

Induction of New Members in All Categories

The individuals selected for membership are informed by the ACS staff within 4 weeks after the meeting of the Steering Committee. Selected members must be present at the Induction Ceremony, held in the fall, in order to be inducted into the Academy. If there is a scheduling conflict, induction would be delayed until the following year. Selected individuals must be inducted within three years of their selection date.