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Stop Overregulating My OR

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Every day, physicians are inundated with a growing number of administrative requirements set forth by both Congress and federal agencies. While these policies are broadly intended to ensure that patients receive care that meets high-quality and safety standards, physicians are confronted with the burden of demonstrating regulatory compliance. 

It goes without saying that surgeons increasingly find themselves spending more time completing paperwork and other tasks in order to satisfy administrative requirements, taking them away from their patients. The excessive regulations placed on surgeons add needless barriers to providing necessary care and increase spending on nonclinical activities.

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has long supported policies that improve surgical patient care, lessen administrative burdens, and streamline clinical workflow. The ACS works tirelessly to eliminate the onerous and futile regulatory requirements that are overwhelming surgeons and their practices across the country.

For more information about the College’s regulatory relief efforts or the Stop Overregulating My OR initiative, contact Lauren Foe, ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy, at

Regulatory Relief Wins

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ACS Advocacy Efforts

The College tirelessly advocates for the reduction of administrative burden on behalf of its Fellows.

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