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CPT Coding Workshops

Strategic Coding & Reimbursement

Coding and reimbursement challenges abound for general surgeons and an astute focus on correct coding and revenue cycle management has never been more important.

This course kicks off with a focus on the coding mechanics that get you paid, including CPT codes, modifiers, global payments, and a definitive guide to documenting time. We'll show you how to avoid audit risks caused by EHRs. You’ll understand when you can report critical care and when it is part of the global package, and how to report colonoscopies that are scheduled as screening but become diagnostic or therapeutic. You'll learn the basics of integrating and coding for non-physician providers. And we'll shine a light on our ICD-10 "watch list" of denial patterns using case examples to illustrate how your practice can avoid them by correctly coding for medical necessity, NCDs and LCDs, injuries, aftercare, surveillance, and more.

This information-packed session also covers the essentials of financial and A/R report analysis, and tips for implementing denial reduction and point of service patient collections techniques that improve practice profitability. You'll leave with a workbook rich in resources that will save implementation time, and be referred to by the practice, all year long.

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Mastering General Surgery Coding 2016

This information-packed course delivers all the essentials needed to code, bill, and get paid for the most common general surgery procedures and services.

We’ll dive in to the particulars of the global surgical package and how to report radiology services when they aren’t included in the surgical code. You’ll learn everything you always wanted to know about modifiers, including how to report same-day surgical procedures, when to use modifiers for co-surgeon and assistant surgeon, and how to modify codes when procedures are performed within the global period. We’ll teach proven approaches to appealing denials and provide resources that increase your chance of successfully receiving payment. And, we’ll use loads of actual case study examples to teach the latest coding rules and guidelines for general surgery procedures such as breast biopsies and procedures, GI diagnostics and therapeutic procedures, gall bladder, hernia, and colorectal surgery, integumentary and endocrine system procedures, and more. You’ll return to the office armed with resources that will support your new knowledge and reimbursement efforts throughout the year.

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