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CPT Coding Bulletin Articles


Coding hernia and other complex abdominal repairs (September 2011)
Complex abdominal repairs (November 2009)
ACS Coding Hotline: Cholecystectomy questions (November 2008)
ACS Coding Hotline: Hernia coding hotline questions (February 2008)


Sentinel lymph node mapping and its relation to biopsy (November 2011)
ACS Coding Hotline: Breast surgery coding questions (June 2008)

Evaluation and Management Codes

E/M coding can be easier than one might think (April 2011)
Are E/M services reportable with a surgical procedure? (November 2010)
Billing for E/M services during the global period (July 2010)

Lesions and Repairs

Coding for Skin Replacement Surgery in 2012 (February 2012)
Coding for debridement (February 2011)

Other Tips and Updates

The importance of detailed documentation in ICD-10 (August 2015)
The transition to ICD-10 before October 1 compliance deadline (June 2015)
ACS develops ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk to assist in billing (February 2015)
Surgical coding across the spectrum (December 2011)
Practically speaking: Reducing your audit risk (September 2010)
Practice management resources for the surgeon's office (May 2010)
General equivalency mapping helps convert ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM (March 2010)
ACS Coding Hotline: Operative report questions (July 2009)
Coding issues related to the global surgery period (March 2009)
Medicare pay-for-reporting program to continue in 2008 (January 2008)
ACS Coding Hotline: Unusual coding questions (June 2007)
Getting ready for Medicare's new quality reporting program (April 2007)
ACS Coding Hotline: Unusual questions (January 2007)
ACS Coding Hotline: Common questions (December 2006)
Medicare changes (September 2006)
Two pesky CPT modifiers: –25 and –59 (May 2006)
New Medicare appeals process (March 2006)
Coding for surgical residents and new surgeons in practice (December 2005)
ACS Coding Hotline: Frequently asked questions (October 2005)
Medicare Coverage of Prescription Drugs (September 2005)
How do you code it? (August 2005)
A potpourri of items (July 2005)
Medicare computer software changes (May 2005)
Frequently asked ACS Coding Hotline questions (April 2005)
Medicare offers bonuses for physician scarcity areas (February 2005)
Surgeons express new optimism at Clinical Congress (Dec 2004)
Changes to CMS Medicare Internet resources (May 2004)
New resource: ACS CodingToday (April 2004)
Organizing your surgical practice (February 2004)
Common coding hotline questions (October 2003)
Advice from an ACS coding course instructor (September 2003)
Medicare updates (June 2003)
Common coding hotline questions (April 2003)
Medicare's correct coding initiative (March 2003)
Late career changes require new practice plan (February 2003)
TRICARE offers three pans for military personnel (January 2003)
Health plans for federal employees (December 2002)
ICD-9-CM changes (November 2002)
Responses to common coding questions (October 2002)
Understanding local medical review policies (September 2002)
Updates on the Medicare program (August 2002)
Answers to common hotline questions (July 2002)
A risk management checklist: Part II (June 2002)
A risk management checklist: Part I (May 2002)
Answers to common hotline questions (April 2002)
Internet resources for coding and reimbursement policies (January 2002)
Filing for Medicare services (December 2001)
Frequently asked coding questions (November 2001)
Filing Medicare claims (September 2001)
Answers to common hotline questions (July 2001)
Record retention (June 2001)
Correct use of modifier -59 (May 2001)
Reporting an altered surgical field, modifier -60 (April 2001)
Coding for endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (March 2001)
Planning for retirement (February 2001)
Adding new associates to practices (January 2001)

Yearly Updates

CPT 2012 Brings with it New Codes and Code Changes
New CPT codes and code changes for 2011