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Current highlight: Icons in Surgery (formerly Heroes in Surgery)

3-D Movies at the Clinical Congress
American Clinical Surgical Society German-Austrian Tour (1912)   
American Gynecological Club travels to Scandinavia (Summer 1926)
Bozzini Endoscope
Bronze Doors of the Murphy Memorial Building
Committee on Standardization of Medical and Surgical Supplies and Equipment of President Woodrow Wilson’s WWI General Medical Board   
Fosdick Commission
Four physicians operating on a patient in an operating room (1902)
General Medical Board, Executive Committee
Gorgas Memorial Institute for Tropical and Preventive Medicine, Dedication of the Laboratory
The Great Mace
Hippocratic Oath: Isabelle Martin’s gift to the American College of Surgeons   
History of Surgery Poster Competition
Invitation to first annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons (1914)
Journal of the American College of Surgeons Celebrates its Centennial
Martins in Fiji, The—February 1924
Minimum Standard for Hospitals (1919)
Murphy Auditorium
RN: Serving All Mankind
Sectional Meetings
Visiting Doctors from Abroad

Clinical Congress

Clinical Congress Convocation (1949 and 2003)
Clinical Congress Exhibit Hall (1950 and 2005)
Clinical Congress Staff Members (1951 and 2009)
Clinical Congress Exhibit Hall (1954 and 2008)
Clinical Congress (1959 and 2009)
Clinical Congress (1980 and 2011?)


Andrews, Edward Wyllys, MD, FACS (1856-1927)
Beal, John M., MD, FACS 1915 – 2013
Besley, Frederic Atwood , MD, FACS (1868-1944)
Bevan , Arthur Dean , MD, FACS (1861-1943)
Bispham, Colonel William N., MD, FACS (1875-1945)
Blalock, Alfred, MD, FACS
Bowman, John G. PhD, First Director of the American College of Surgeons
Bridge, Norman M., MD (1844-1925)
Clark, Herbert C., and the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory
Clarkson, Grosvenor B.
Codman, Ernest A., MD, FACS (1869-1940)
Cole, Warren H., MD, FACS (1899-1990)
Coller, Frederick A., MD, FACS (1887-1964)
Crile, George, MD, FACS (1864-1943)
Crowder, Provost Marshall General Enoch H. (1859-1932)
Crowell, Bowman C., MD (1879-1951)   
Davis, Edward P., MD, FACS, President, Volunteer Medical Service
Davis, Loyal, MD, FACS (1896-1982)
Finney, John M. T., MD, FACS, first president of the American College of Surgeons
Graham, Evarts A. , MD, FACS (1883-1957)
Greenough, Robert Battey, MD, FACS (1871-1937)
Grimm, Eleanor K. (1891-1973)
Hanlon, C. Rollins, MD, FACS (1915-2011)
Ireland, Major General Merritte Weber
Jenkins, Hilger Perry , MD, FACS (1902-1970)
Jonasson, Olga, MD, FACS (1934-2006)
Kanavel, Allen B., MD, FACS
MacEachern, Malcolm T., MD, CM (1881-1956)
Mackenzie, Sir James, (1853-1925)
Martin, Edward, MD, FACS (1859-1938)
Martin, Franklin H., MD, FACS, Portrait of (1857-1935)
Martin, Franklin, Testimonials for, 1927
Martin, Isabelle, war service
Martin, Isabelle and Franklin
Matas, Rudolph, MD, FACS (1860-1957)
Mayo, William, Friendship with Franklin Martin
McKibbin-Harper, Mary, MD (1873-1961)
Mendonca, Jose, Surgeon of the Faculty of Medicine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Moynihan, Sir Berkeley George Andrew, Lord Moynihan of Leeds (1865-1936)
Murphy, John Benjamin, MD, FACS (1857-1916)
Naffziger, Howard C.. MD, FACS (1884-1961)
Newquist, Melvin N., and the ACS Industrial Medicine Program
Ochsner, Albert J., MD, FACS (1858-1925)
Putti, Vittorio (1880-1940)
Sandrok, Edward George (1913 -1967)
Saunders, H. Prather, MD, FACS 
Senn, Nicholas Club Dinner, The, 1906   
Sheldon, George F., MD, FACS (1934-2013), In Memoriam
Sherman, Harry Mitchell, MD, FACS
Spencer, Frank C., MD, FACS
Squier, J. Bentley, MD, FACS
Starr, Frederick Newton Gisborne, MD, FACS
Stephens, Harold Montelle
Stephenson, George W., MD, FACS (1902-1998)
Stewart, George David, MD, FACS
Stokes, Charles F., MD, FACS (1863-1931)
Wangensteen, Owen H., MD, PhD, FACS 1898 – 1981
Wilson, Woodrow (US President) Writes to Franklin Martin, MD, FACS
Wright, Louis Tompkins, MD, FACS (1891–1952)