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American College of Surgeons Officers, Board of Regents and Past Presidents in Session at the Clinical Congress, Chicago, 1929

This is the College’s first “talkie,” filmed at the end of the silent film era when sound film technology was in its infancy. The film has been transferred from the original 35mm nitrate negative to preservation quality film stock. The original negative is now housed in the Nitrate Film Vault at the Library of Congress.

ACS Director General Franklin H. Martin introduces officers, regents, past-presidents, founders, and others to President Ireland. In order of appearance: President Merritte W. Ireland: Vice-Presidents William W. Pearson and Perry G. Goldsmith; Treasurer Frederic A. Besley; Regents Irvin Abell, G.A.B. Addy, Robert B. Greenough, C. Jeff Miller, Ernst A. Sommer, J. Bentley Squier, and Allen B. Kanavel; Past Presidents George David Stewart and Fred Bates Lund; Founders Miles F. Porter and Frederic J. Cotton; Philip H. Kreuscher; Cary T. Grayson; Charles E. Riggs; Past President and Founder Edward Martin; Associate Director Malcom T. MacEachern; General Manager of the Clinical Congress of Surgeons A.D. Ballou; Past President John M.T. Finney; Associate Director Bowman C. Crowell; Past President and Chairman of the Board of Regents George W. Crile; and Past President and Regent Charles H. Mayo. (Fox Movietone, Chicago, 1929. 17 min.)


Refrigeration Anesthesia in the Treatment of Arteriosclerotic and Diabetic Gangrene in the Poor Risk Patient, 1940s? (silent)

This and the following film, Gangrene Bowel Resection, are both from the Hugh A. Gamble Surgical Operation Films Collection. Hugh Agnew Gamble, MD, FACS (1876-1954), was a surgeon and cancer research specialist in Greenville, MS. He recorded many of his surgical operations of the 1940s on 16mm silent color film. The collection was donated by Dr. Gamble's grandson, Hugh A. Gamble II, MD, FACS.

The film shows a leg amputation performed by Dr. Gamble. (Gamble Brothers and Archer, Greenville, MS, early 1940s? 16 min.)


Gangrene Bowel Resection, 1942 (silent)

(Sauer Studio, Greenville, MS, 1942. 1 min. 22 sec.)


White Battalions

Pleads the cause of good medical and hospital care and takes one on a tour of a modern hospital while telling a human interest story of two families. (American College of Surgeons, Chicago, 1941. 25 min.)


Fractures: An Introduction

The American College of Surgeons, through its Committee on Fractures and Other Traumas, Robert H. Kennedy, MD, Chairman; medical supervision, Harrison L. McLaughlin, MD; advisory committee: LeRoy C. Abbott, MD; R. Arnold Griswold, MD; Guy A. Caldwell, MD; Paul B. Magnusson, MD; A. William Reggio, MD; produced under a grant from the Johnson & Johnson Research Foundation. The film was written by Ben Maddow, directed by Sy Wexler, medical art by Jessie Phillips, camera work by Olle Comstedt, animation by Film Graphics, Inc.; an Eddie Albert Production (American College of Surgeons, Chicago, 1948. 26 min.)


To Serve All (Past Presidents of the American College of Surgeons)

The first part of the video is a tribute to the American College of Surgeons shown at the 1963 Clinical Congress in San Francisco in honor of the 50th anniversary of the College. Past presidents, professors, and dignitaries explain the College’s history and accomplishments in setting standards and accreditation, residency training standards, medical television and motion pictures, the surgical forum, trauma and accident prevention, cancer, prevention of unethical practices, service to Canada, graduate surgical training, and raising the general welfare of the patient. The film emphasizes the fact that the College was the first College to accredit hospitals (1919) and set standards for patient care.

Part two is a 1970 sequel to the 1963 film, and describes the changes and innovations at the American College of Surgeons from 1960 to 1970. Past directors and presidents describe their years in office.

Appearing are: Loyal Davis, Donald C. Balfour, Frederick A. Coller, Robert M. Zollinger, Alfred Blalock, Albert J. Ochsner, Newell W. Philpott, Owen H. Wangensteen, William L. Estes, Warren H. Cole, Frank Glenn, Harold L. Foss, Isidor S. Ravdin, John Paul North, J. Englebert Dunphy, James T. Priestley, Howard A. Patterson, Walter C. MacKenzie, Reed M. Nesbit, Preston A. Wade, Joel W. Baker, and C. Rollins Hanlon. (Davis & Geck, Danbury, CT, 1963 and 1970. 62 min.)


Factors Shaping Surgery During the 20th Century

The Inaugural Session of the ACS Surgical History Group, Clinical Congress 2014, Panel Session 225