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Index to the Bulletin

The Bulletin of The American College of Surgeons has featured news of College activities, a regular director's column, and articles in areas such as practice, socioeconomics, ethics, continuing medical education, and College history. Bulletin issue No. 1, "Requirements for Admission to Fellowship," appeared in 1916. Other early issues gave details of the hospital standardization program and reported on the findings of its surveys.

The indexes give insight into the fact that the College—like Rome—was not built in a day. Courageous purpose, thoughtful planning and vision, and energetic action to transform ideas into working programs, are obvious just from scanning the titles of the reports and articles that have been prepared and published since the College was founded.

Although the Bulletin only began publication in 1916, the earliest index that coves 1913–1945, includes references to College publications issued before 1916. For the most part though, the entries refer to Bulletin articles

Downloadable Indexes

The compiled indexes from 1913 to 2016 are available for download as a PDF. Please note: This is a large file and may take some time to download. For shorter download times, try the following compiled indexes covering shorter time periods.

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