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Mayne Heritage Society Members

The current members of the Mayne Heritage Society are:

†Dr. William W. Allen
Kathryn and French Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. H. Randolph Bailey
Dr. William A. Bernie
James G. and Cynthia G. Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. Neil C. Clements
Dr. Amalia L. Cochran
Dr. Benjamin L. Crue, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Dalton, Jr.
Gary S. Flom, MD, FACS, FAAP
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Gans
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Grambort
†Dr. Wilfred Guerra
Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hedberg
Dr.† and Mrs. Robert W. Hobson II
Dr. Robert T. J. Holl-Allen
Mary and John Iacuzzo, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Jordan, Jr.
†Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Jurkiewicz
The Estate of Samuel Kantor, MD, FACS
The Estate of Harry E. Keig, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Kenyon
†Dr. William W. Kridelbaugh
Yeu-Tsu Margaret Lee, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.
Dr.† and Mrs. Joseph H. Lesser
Dr. and Mrs.† Eric T. Lincke
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynn
Dr. Marcel C. C. Machado
Dr. and Mrs. James V. Maloney, Jr.
†Dr. Hector and Mrs. Ruth Marin
Richard W. and Pennie B. Martin
The Estate of Dr. Earl H. Mayne, MD, FACS
LaMar and Julia McGinnis
†Dr. Mary L. McKenzie
The Estate of Harold H. Metz, MD, FACS
†Dr. Alvin W. Mooney
Dr. William R. Muir
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Norum
Dr. Frank G. Opelka
Dr.† and Mrs. Frank T. Padberg, Sr.
†Dr. Frederick W. Plugge IV
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Poticha
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Reiling
Danny and Paula Robinette
Antonio and Vivian Robles
Dr. and Mrs. Martin C. Robson
Drs. Thomas R.† and Nona C. Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. R. Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Sasser
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Schloerb
Drs. Pamela P. Scott and Razaullah A. Khwaja
Dr. and Andrew G. Sharf
William Sternfeld, MD, FACS
Dr. Amilu Stewart
Dr. Hugh H. Trout III
†Dr. and Mrs. Irving W. Varley
†Dr. Arie D. Verhagen
Dr.† and Mrs. Alexander J. Walt
Dr. and Mrs. W. Merle Warman
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Warshaw
The Estate of Claude E. Welch, MD, FACS
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Winchester
†Dr. A. Stark Wolkoff
Dr.† and Mrs. Scott W. Woods