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Special Fundraising Initiatives

2017 National Doctors' Day

National Doctors’ Day—March 30

The career path you chose to become a surgeon was not an easy one. Did you have a trusted mentor to help guide you? Tribute gifts—gifts made in memory of or in honor of someone—are a thoughtful way to say thank you. March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, and the ACS Foundation will help you honor your mentor on this special day.

Donate today

Make a donation on or before March 30, and the ACS Foundation will send an acknowledgment letter to your honoree (or family if in memoriam) noting the National Doctors’ Day celebration. A special recognition page, sponsored by the ACS Foundation, will feature all participating donors and honorees in the Bulletin, ACS NewsScope, and on the ACS website.

Your generous contribution will show your gratitude while simultaneously advancing the ACS mission of saving lives.

Thank Your Mentor Today

“I have been fortunate in my life to have had many great mentors, some for my entire career and some for shorter time periods. Whether it was decisions in medical school or residency, early career needs, or recent job decisions, my community of mentors has always been there to encourage and empower me to succeed both professionally and personally. The lessons and guidance that have been given to me by Drs. Lohr and Gahtan are invaluable and lifelong. Though their mentoring was voluntary, I do hope to repay them by providing the same to my own mentees.”

— Ruth L. Bush, MD, FACS, giving in honor of Vivian Gahtan, MD, FACS, and Joann M. Lohr, MD, FACS

“As an avid boater, I am well aware of the purpose of lighthouses. They serve as a tower and beacon in treacherous waterways and are illuminating. As a mentor, Dr. Murayama is my lighthouse. He has served as a tower and beacon to me throughout my career and has helped me, as well as so many others, safely navigate treacherous ‘surgical’ waterways.”

— Shanu N. Kothari, MD, FACS, giving in honor of Kenric M. Murayama, MD, FACS